ArtistFucked Up
DiskDose Your Dreams
Spinitron ChartOct 11 2018
Chart periodFri Oct 5th thru Thu 11th 2018
Chart stats201 stations reporting 118898 spins
Rank in chart46
Spins in chart period36
10/10/2018kdurcame down wrongPlaylist
10/11/2018wsumCame Down Wrong (feat. Jennifer Castle & J Mascis)Playlist
10/05/2018WERADose Your DreamsPlaylist
10/07/2018WLURDose Your DreamsPlaylist
10/05/2018weraDose Your DreamsPlaylist
10/09/2018wortDose Your DreamsPlaylist
10/10/2018wsfmDose Your DreamsPlaylist
10/10/2018WLURHouse of KeysPlaylist
10/06/2018wzbtHouse of KeysPlaylist
10/07/2018radioboiseI Don't Wanna Live in This World AnymorePlaylist
10/09/2018wortJoy Stops TimePlaylist
10/08/2018wzbtLiving in a SimulationPlaylist
10/11/2018kvscLove Is an Island in the SeaPlaylist
10/05/2018wxnaMechanical Bull (feat. Ryan Tong)Playlist
10/06/2018kdurNone of Your Business ManPlaylist
10/07/2018kdurNone of Your Business ManPlaylist
10/08/2018ksdtNone of Your Business ManPlaylist
10/06/2018wsfmNone of Your Business ManPlaylist
10/05/2018WTBUNormal PeoplePlaylist
10/09/2018wrirNormal PeoplePlaylist
10/09/2018wsfmNormal PeoplePlaylist
10/08/2018wxnaNormal PeoplePlaylist
10/06/2018wzbtNormal PeoplePlaylist
10/11/2018THEURaise Your Voice JoycePlaylist
10/06/2018kzfrRaise Your Voice JoycePlaylist
10/06/2018wsfmRaise Your Voice JoycePlaylist
10/05/2018wxnaRaise Your Voice JoycePlaylist
10/09/2018kvscTell Me What You SeePlaylist
10/11/2018kvscTell Me What You SeePlaylist
10/07/2018KXSFThe One I Want Will Come for MePlaylist
10/10/2018wsfmTorch to LightPlaylist
10/11/2018wsfmTorch to lightPlaylist
10/08/2018wzbtTorch to LightPlaylist
10/09/2018wzbtTorch to LightPlaylist
10/11/2018wzbtTorch to LightPlaylist
10/05/2018wzbtTorch to LightPlaylist