Spinitron ChartOct 26 2014
Chart periodMon Oct 20th thru Sun 26th 2014
Chart stats111 stations reporting 77321 spins
Rank in chart13
Spins in chart period58
10/21/2014kbvrTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/22/2014kbvrFrom EdenPlaylist
10/26/2014kbvrCherry Wine (Live)Playlist
10/20/2014kcprTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/22/2014kcsbTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/20/2014kholTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/21/2014kotoFrom EdenPlaylist
10/22/2014krfcAngel of Small Death and the CodeinePlaylist
10/21/2014krvmFrom EdenPlaylist
10/24/2014krvmFrom EdenPlaylist
10/20/2014kwcwTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/22/2014kwcwTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/26/2014kwcwTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/20/2014kxciTO BE ALONEPlaylist
10/20/2014kxciTO BE ALONEPlaylist
10/21/2014kxciTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/23/2014kxciLike Real People DoPlaylist
10/24/2014kxciAngel of Small Death & the Codeine ScenePlaylist
10/20/2014kzuuAngel of Small Death & the Codeine ScenePlaylist
10/22/2014wchcTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/26/2014wchcFrom EdenPlaylist
10/25/2014weruTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/21/2014wgtbJackie and WilsonPlaylist
10/26/2014wgtbJackie and WilsonPlaylist
10/20/2014whclTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/21/2014whclSomeOne NewPlaylist
10/24/2014whclTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/25/2014whclTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/20/2014whusJackie and WilsonPlaylist
10/20/2014whusCherry Wine (Live)Playlist
10/22/2014whusJackie and WilsonPlaylist
10/22/2014whusIn a Week (feat. Karen Cowley)Playlist
10/23/2014whusTake Me to ChurchPlaylist
10/23/2014whusAngel of Small Death & the Codeine ScenePlaylist
10/23/2014whusJackie and WilsonPlaylist
10/23/2014whusTake Me to ChurchPlaylist
10/24/2014whusTake Me to ChurchPlaylist
10/23/2014wmfoTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/24/2014wmfoLike Real People DoPlaylist
10/22/2014wprkTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/21/2014wtbuTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/22/2014wtbuTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/25/2014wtbuTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/26/2014wtbuJackie and WilsonPlaylist
10/23/2014wtipFrom EdenPlaylist
10/24/2014wtipFrom EdenPlaylist
10/25/2014wtipTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/20/2014wxjmTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/20/2014wxjmFrom EdenPlaylist
10/21/2014wxjmTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/22/2014wxjmWORK SONGPlaylist
10/23/2014wxjmTake Me To ChurchPlaylist
10/24/2014wxjmForeigner's GodPlaylist
10/24/2014wxjmAngel of Small Death & the Codeine ScenePlaylist
10/22/2014wxprTake Me to ChurchPlaylist