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ArtistAntarctigo Vespucci
DiskLove in the Time of E-Mail
Spinitron ChartNov 29 2018
Chart periodFri Nov 23rd thru Thu 29th 2018
Chart stats194 stations reporting 112444 spins
Rank in chart18
Spins in chart period43
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KCPRFreakin' U Out2018-11-26► Playlist
KCSUFreakin U Out2018-11-28► Playlist
KCSUKimmy2018-11-28► Playlist
KCSUFreakin' U Out2018-11-28► Playlist
KUOMFreakin' U Out2018-11-24► Playlist
KUOMKimmy2018-11-24► Playlist
KUOMFreakin' U Out2018-11-25► Playlist
KUOMFreakin' U Out2018-11-26► Playlist
KUOMKimmy2018-11-26► Playlist
KUOMKimmy2018-11-27► Playlist
KUOMFreakin' U Out2018-11-28► Playlist
KUOMKimmy2018-11-29► Playlist
KVSCBreathless on Dvd2018-11-24► Playlist
KVSCKimmy2018-11-26► Playlist
KVSCSo Vivid!2018-11-28► Playlist
KVSCKimmy2018-11-28► Playlist
KVSCWhite Noise2018-11-29► Playlist
KWCWKimmy2018-11-26► Playlist
RADIOBOISEFreakin' U Out2018-11-27► Playlist
RADIOBOISEKimmy2018-11-29► Playlist
WHUSKimmy2018-11-25► Playlist
WHUSFreakin' U Out2018-11-25► Playlist
WMSEFreakin' U Out2018-11-29► Playlist
WMUAKimmy2018-11-29► Playlist
WMUAFreakin' U Out2018-11-29► Playlist
WNMCAnother Good Thing2018-11-27► Playlist
WNMCLifelike2018-11-28► Playlist
WUMLLifelike2018-11-29► Playlist
WUMLKimmy2018-11-29► Playlist
WUMLFreakin' U Out2018-11-29► Playlist
WUNHWhite Noise2018-11-27► Playlist
WUOGAll These Nights2018-11-26► Playlist
WZBTWhite Noise2018-11-23► Playlist
WZBTBreathless On DVD2018-11-23► Playlist
WZBTWhite Noise2018-11-24► Playlist
WZBTFreakin' U Out2018-11-25► Playlist
WZBTWhite Noise2018-11-26► Playlist
WZBTwhite noise2018-11-26► Playlist
WZBTKimmy2018-11-27► Playlist
WZBTThe Price is Right Theme Song2018-11-28► Playlist
WZBTWhite Noise2018-11-28► Playlist
WZBTwhite noise2018-11-28► Playlist
WZBTFreakin' U Out2018-11-29► Playlist