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ArtistParquet Courts
DiskWide Awake!
Spinitron ChartNov 29 2018
Chart periodFri Nov 23rd thru Thu 29th 2018
Chart stats194 stations reporting 112444 spins
Rank in chart32
Spins in chart period36
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUTotal Football2018-11-26► Playlist
KBVRWide Awake2018-11-26► Playlist
KBVRFreebird II2018-11-28► Playlist
KCPRMardi Gras2018-11-24► Playlist
KCPRBefore The Water Gets Too High2018-11-24► Playlist
KCSBtenderness2018-11-28► Playlist
KCSCTenderness2018-11-26► Playlist
KDNKAlmost Had to Start a Fight / In and Out of Patience2018-11-27► Playlist
KDNKFreebird II2018-11-27► Playlist
KOPNAlmost Had to Start a Fight / In and Out of Patience2018-11-24► Playlist
KRFCBefore the Water Gets Too High2018-11-29► Playlist
KSSUFreebird 22018-11-29► Playlist
KUOMwide awake2018-11-23► Playlist
KUOMMardi Gras Beads2018-11-24► Playlist
KWURWide Awake2018-11-26► Playlist
KWURExtinction2018-11-26► Playlist
KWURBefore the Water Gets Too High2018-11-29► Playlist
KWVAWide Awake2018-11-24► Playlist
KXSCwide awake2018-11-26► Playlist
PIZZAFMTotal Football2018-11-25► Playlist
RAINYDAWGAlmost Had to Start a Fight / In and Out of Patience2018-11-28► Playlist
WERUWide Awake2018-11-26► Playlist
WHUSNYC Observation2018-11-28► Playlist
WHUSWide Awake2018-11-28► Playlist
WPRKNYC Observation2018-11-27► Playlist
WRIRWide Awake2018-11-24► Playlist
WRIRMardi Gras Beads2018-11-27► Playlist
WRUWWide Awake2018-11-23► Playlist
WRUWAlmost Had to Start a Fight / In and Out of Patience2018-11-23► Playlist
WRUWWide Awake!2018-11-25► Playlist
WRUWTotal Football2018-11-27► Playlist
WSUMFreebird II2018-11-27► Playlist
WUMLWide Awake2018-11-26► Playlist
WXNAViolence2018-11-27► Playlist
WZBTAlmost Had To Start A Fight / In And Out Of Patience [Explicit]2018-11-27► Playlist
WZBTNormalization [Explicit]2018-11-28► Playlist