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ArtistJerry Paper
DiskLike a Baby
Spinitron ChartNov 29 2018
Chart periodFri Nov 23rd thru Thu 29th 2018
Chart stats194 stations reporting 112444 spins
Rank in chart45
Spins in chart period30
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KCPRYour Cocoon2018-11-26► Playlist
KCPRGrey Area (ft. Weyes Blood)2018-11-26► Playlist
KCPRYour Cocoon2018-11-27► Playlist
KCPRA Moment2018-11-27► Playlist
KCSUMy God2018-11-27► Playlist
KCSUDid I Buy It?2018-11-28► Playlist
KSJSMy god2018-11-25► Playlist
KSJSMy god2018-11-29► Playlist
KSJSMy god2018-11-29► Playlist
KUOMDid I Buy It?2018-11-25► Playlist
KUOMYour Cocoon2018-11-26► Playlist
KUOMYour Cocoon2018-11-28► Playlist
KVSCDid I Buy It?2018-11-23► Playlist
KXUADid I Buy It? (feat. Mild High Club)2018-11-28► Playlist
KZUUa moment2018-11-25► Playlist
PIZZAFMGrey Area (feat. Weyes Blood)2018-11-29► Playlist
RFBLosing the Game2018-11-26► Playlist
WBOIYour Cocoon2018-11-25► Playlist
WMUAbaby2018-11-28► Playlist
WPRKA Moment2018-11-26► Playlist
WPRKYour Cocoon2018-11-26► Playlist
WPRKMy God2018-11-27► Playlist
WPRKLosing the Game2018-11-29► Playlist
WUMLA Moment2018-11-28► Playlist
WUMLA Moment2018-11-28► Playlist
WZBTYou2018-11-23► Playlist
WZBTCommercial Break2018-11-24► Playlist
WZBTYour Cocoon2018-11-27► Playlist
WZBTCommercial Break2018-11-28► Playlist
WZBTCommercial Break2018-11-29► Playlist