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DiskLife In The City
Spinitron ChartNov 29 2018
Chart periodFri Nov 23rd thru Thu 29th 2018
Chart stats194 stations reporting 112444 spins
Rank in chart51
Spins in chart period29
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMMake You Famous2018-11-23► Playlist
KAFMFight the Fire2018-11-29► Playlist
KCSCLife in the City2018-11-29► Playlist
KHOLSuperstatic2018-11-27► Playlist
KHOLLady lovely2018-11-29► Playlist
KOTOLife in the City2018-11-23► Playlist
KOTOSuperstatic2018-11-23► Playlist
KOTOIf I Ever Fall Asleep2018-11-23► Playlist
KOTOFight the Fire2018-11-23► Playlist
KSJDThe question2018-11-28► Playlist
KUMMIf I Ever Fall Asleep2018-11-28► Playlist
KVNFThe Question2018-11-23► Playlist
KVNFIf I Ever Fall Asleep2018-11-29► Playlist
KVNFLady Lovely2018-11-29► Playlist
KVNFFight the Fire2018-11-29► Playlist
KVSCMake You Famous2018-11-26► Playlist
KVSCLady Lovely2018-11-27► Playlist
KVSCThe Question2018-11-28► Playlist
KVSCLady Lovely2018-11-29► Playlist
KVSCMake You Famous2018-11-29► Playlist
WKKLLady Lovely2018-11-23► Playlist
WLURThe One and Lonely2018-11-29► Playlist
WORTLady Lovely2018-11-23► Playlist
WPRKIf I Ever Fall Asleep2018-11-29► Playlist
WSHLLife in the City2018-11-28► Playlist
WSHLSuperstatic2018-11-28► Playlist
WSHLIf I Ever Fall Asleep2018-11-28► Playlist
WSHLFight the Fire2018-11-28► Playlist
WUMLIf I Ever Fall Asleep2018-11-28► Playlist