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ArtistElvis Costello & The Imposters
DiskLook Now
Spinitron ChartJan 3 2019
Chart periodFri Dec 28th 2018 thru Thu Jan 3rd 2019
Chart stats160 stations reporting 89453 spins
Rank in chart19
Spins in chart period37
01/03/2019kafmUnder Lime\Playlist
12/28/2018kdhxWhy Won't Heaven Help Me?Playlist
12/28/2018kdurWhy Won't Heaven Help Me?Playlist
12/29/2018kdurStripping PaperPlaylist
01/02/2019kdurUnder LimePlaylist
12/29/2018kmnoUnwanted NumberPlaylist
01/03/2019kmnoUnder LimePlaylist
12/31/2018krfcUnwanted NumberPlaylist
12/29/2018krfcBurnt Sugar Is So BitterPlaylist
01/02/2019krvmUnwanted NumberPlaylist
12/31/2018krzaSuspect My TearsPlaylist
01/03/2019ksjdBurnt Sugar Is So BitterPlaylist
12/31/2018kxciDon't Look NowPlaylist
01/01/2019kxciUnder LimePlaylist
01/03/2019kxciI Let the Sun Go DownPlaylist
01/02/2019radiofairfaxUnder LimePlaylist
01/01/2019WCUWStripping PaperPlaylist
01/01/2019WCUWStripping PaperPlaylist
12/28/2018weruBurnt Sugar Is So BitterPlaylist
01/02/2019wicnDon't Look NowPlaylist
12/28/2018wmseWhy Won't Heaven Help Me?Playlist
01/01/2019wmseUnder LimePlaylist
12/31/2018wnmcWhy Won't HeavenPlaylist
12/30/2018wruwUnder LimePlaylist
01/03/2019wsfmBurnt Sugar Is So BitterPlaylist
12/30/2018WUNHBurnt Sugar Is So BitterPlaylist
12/29/2018wxnaUnder LimePlaylist
12/28/2018wxojThe Final Mrs. CurtainPlaylist
12/30/2018wxojThe Final Mrs. CurtainPlaylist
01/02/2019wxprUnwanted NumberPlaylist
12/28/2018wzbtMr. & Mrs. HushPlaylist
12/29/2018wzbtUnder LimePlaylist
12/31/2018wzbtMr. & Mrs. HushPlaylist
01/01/2019wzbtMr. & Mrs. HushPlaylist
01/02/2019wzbtMr. & Mrs. HushPlaylist
01/02/2019wzbtMr. & Mrs. HushPlaylist
01/03/2019wzbtMr. & Mrs. HushPlaylist