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ArtistNathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
DiskTearing at the Seams
Spinitron ChartJan 3 2019
Chart periodFri Dec 28th 2018 thru Thu Jan 3rd 2019
Chart stats160 stations reporting 89453 spins
Rank in chart21
Spins in chart period35
12/30/2018ciluYou Worry MePlaylist
12/28/2018kdurShoe BootPlaylist
12/30/2018kdurShoe BootPlaylist
01/01/2019KGVMBe TherePlaylist
12/28/2018kholShoe BootPlaylist
12/28/2018krfcYou Worry MePlaylist
01/03/2019krfcYou Worry MePlaylist
12/31/2018krfcCoolin' OutPlaylist
12/31/2018krfcBabe I KnowPlaylist
01/03/2019krfcShoe BootPlaylist
12/31/2018krvmHey mamaPlaylist
01/02/2019krvmHey mamaPlaylist
01/03/2019krvmHey mamaPlaylist
12/28/2018ksjdYou Worry MePlaylist
12/31/2018ksjdA Little HoneyPlaylist
01/01/2019KVNFHey MamaPlaylist
01/01/2019KVNFSay It LouderPlaylist
01/02/2019kwvaCoolin' Out (feat. Lucius)Playlist
12/31/2018kxciYou Worry MePlaylist
01/01/2019kxciYou Worry MePlaylist
01/02/2019kxciA Little HoneyPlaylist
01/03/2019kxciYou Worry MePlaylist
01/01/2019kzumYou Worry MePlaylist
01/03/2019kzumBaby I Lost My Way, (But I'm Going Home)Playlist
12/28/2018WCUWSay It LouderPlaylist
01/03/2019WCUWSay It LouderPlaylist
12/31/2018wfhbBaby I Lost My Way, (But I'm Going Home)Playlist
12/30/2018wfhbYou Worry MePlaylist
12/30/2018wfvrA Little HoneyPlaylist
01/02/2019wfvrA Little HoneyPlaylist
12/29/2018wmseCoolin' OutPlaylist
01/01/2019WOMRBe TherePlaylist
12/31/2018WUNHYou Worry MePlaylist
01/03/2019WUNHShoe BootPlaylist