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ArtistJohn Hiatt
DiskThe Eclipse Sessions
Spinitron ChartJan 3 2019
Chart periodFri Dec 28th 2018 thru Thu Jan 3rd 2019
Chart stats160 stations reporting 89453 spins
Rank in chart24
Spins in chart period34
12/30/2018kopnAces up Your SleevePlaylist
12/28/2018kdhxAll the Way to the RiverPlaylist
12/30/2018kopnAll the Way to the RiverPlaylist
12/29/2018krvmAll the Way to the RiverPlaylist
01/02/2019wfhbAll the Way to the RiverPlaylist
01/01/2019WOMRCry to MePlaylist
12/31/2018krfcCry to MePlaylist
01/02/2019krvmCry to MePlaylist
01/02/2019kzumCry To MePlaylist
12/28/2018weruCry to MePlaylist
01/02/2019wxprCry to MePlaylist
01/02/2019KDNKHide Your TearsPlaylist
12/30/2018KVSCHide Your TearsPlaylist
01/02/2019kyacHide Your TearsPlaylist
01/01/2019wfhbHide Your TearsPlaylist
12/29/2018kafmHide Yout TearsPlaylist
12/29/2018kdhxOne Stiff BreezePlaylist
01/01/2019kafmOut Running My SoulPlaylist
01/02/2019WVUDOutrunning My SoulPlaylist
12/28/2018kdhxOutrunning My SoulPlaylist
01/02/2019kdhxOutrunning My SoulPlaylist
01/02/2019wfhbOutrunning My SoulPlaylist
01/02/2019kbmfOver the HillPlaylist
01/02/2019kmnoOver The HillPlaylist
12/28/2018wgdrover the hillPlaylist
12/31/2018KGVMPoor Imitation of GodPlaylist
12/31/2018KGVMPoor Imitation of GodPlaylist
01/02/2019krfcPoor Imitation of GodPlaylist
01/02/2019kxciPoor Imitation of GodPlaylist
12/28/2018wgdrPoor Imitation of GodPlaylist
01/02/2019wicnPoor Imitation Of GodPlaylist
12/30/2018krfcRobber's HighwayPlaylist
12/31/2018kxciRobber's HighwayPlaylist
01/01/2019kxciThe Odds Of Loving YouPlaylist