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DiskYou Won't Get What You Want
Spinitron ChartJan 3 2019
Chart periodFri Dec 28th 2018 thru Thu Jan 3rd 2019
Chart stats160 stations reporting 89453 spins
Rank in chart30
Spins in chart period32
12/29/2018kdurLong Road, No TurnsPlaylist
12/29/2018kopnLong Road, No TurnsPlaylist
12/30/2018kuoiSatan In WaitPlaylist
12/30/2018kuoiLong Road, No TurnsPlaylist
12/28/2018kuomSatan in the WaitPlaylist
12/28/2018kuomGuest HousePlaylist
12/29/2018kuomLong Road No TurnsPlaylist
12/31/2018kuomLong Road No TurnsPlaylist
12/31/2018kuomGuest HousePlaylist
01/01/2019kuomSatan in the WaitPlaylist
01/02/2019kuomGuest HousePlaylist
01/03/2019kuomLong Road No TurnsPlaylist
01/03/2019kuomLong Road No TurnsPlaylist
01/01/2019radioboiseThe Lords SongPlaylist
01/02/2019WLURThe Flammable ManPlaylist
12/29/2018wmuaLong Road, No TurnsPlaylist
12/29/2018wnmcLong Road, No TurnsPlaylist
01/03/2019wnmcThe Flammable ManPlaylist
12/31/2018wowdCity SongPlaylist
12/28/2018wsfmCity SongPlaylist
12/29/2018wsfmThe Flammable ManPlaylist
12/31/2018WSUMCity SongPlaylist
01/03/2019WSUMThe Reason They Hate MePlaylist
01/02/2019wumlLess SexPlaylist
12/28/2018wxnaThe Lords SongPlaylist
01/03/2019wxoxSatan in the WaitPlaylist
12/29/2018wzbtThe Reason They Hate MePlaylist
12/31/2018wzbtThe Reason They Hate MePlaylist
12/31/2018wzbtThe Reason They Hate MePlaylist
01/01/2019wzbtThe Reason They Hate MePlaylist
01/02/2019wzbtThe Reason They Hate MePlaylist