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ArtistBrandi Carlile
DiskBy The Way, I Forgive You
Spinitron ChartJan 3 2019
Chart periodFri Dec 28th 2018 thru Thu Jan 3rd 2019
Chart stats160 stations reporting 89453 spins
Rank in chart40
Spins in chart period29
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUThe Joke2018-12-30► Playlist
KAFMEvery Time I Hear That Song2019-01-01► Playlist
KDHXThe Joke2019-01-03► Playlist
KDNKThe Mother - Brandi Carlile2019-01-02► Playlist
KONRThe Joke2018-12-29► Playlist
KOPNThe Mother2018-12-31► Playlist
KOPNHold Out Your Hand2018-12-31► Playlist
KOPNWhatever You Do2018-12-31► Playlist
KRFCmost of all2018-12-30► Playlist
KRVMThe Joke2019-01-01► Playlist
KRVMthe mother2018-12-29► Playlist
KVMREvery Time I Hear That Song2019-01-02► Playlist
KVMREvery Time I Hear That Song2019-01-03► Playlist
KXCIthe mother2018-12-31► Playlist
KXCIthe mother2019-01-02► Playlist
KZUMThe Joke2019-01-03► Playlist
WCUWEvery Time I Hear That Song2018-12-28► Playlist
WDRTThe Joke2019-01-02► Playlist
WERUEvery Time I Hear That Song2018-12-29► Playlist
WERUFulton County Jane Doe2019-01-01► Playlist
WFHBEverytime I Hear That Song2019-01-03► Playlist
WMSEFulton County Jane Doe2019-01-01► Playlist
WMSEParty of One2019-01-03► Playlist
WOWDHold Out Your Hand2018-12-30► Playlist
WTIPThe Joke2018-12-29► Playlist
WUNHSugartooth2018-12-30► Playlist
WVUDEvery Time I Hear That Song2019-01-02► Playlist
WXNASugartooth2019-01-01► Playlist
WXPRthe Mother2019-01-02► Playlist