DiskAnimal Joy
Spinitron ChartFeb 12 2012
Chart periodMon Feb 6th thru Sun 12th 2012
Chart stats76 stations reporting 51528 spins
Rank in chart15
Spins in chart period31
04/23/2024kafmYou Are as You Were 
04/23/2024kaosStar of the Age 
04/23/2024kbgabelieving makes it easy 
04/23/2024kbgayou as you are 
04/23/2024kbgaYou as you Are 
04/23/2024kbgaAnimal Life 
04/23/2024kbgaYou As You Are 
04/23/2024kdhxAnimal Life 
04/23/2024kdhxBreaking the Yearlings 
04/23/2024kdhxBelieving Makes It Easy 
04/23/2024khsuStar of the Age 
04/23/2024kotoBreaking the Yearlings 
04/23/2024krfcAnimal Life 
04/23/2024krfcYou Are as You Were 
04/23/2024ksjdAnimal Life 
04/23/2024ksjdBreaking the Yearlings 
04/23/2024kwvaanimal life 
04/23/2024radioboiseYou As You Were 
04/23/2024radioboiseYou As You Were 
04/23/2024weruOpen Your Houses (Basilisk) 
04/23/2024wmpgYou Are as You Were 
04/23/2024wnmcDread Sovereign 
04/23/2024wojbYou As You Were 
04/23/2024wojbAnimal Life 
04/23/2024wojbBreaking The Yearlings 
04/23/2024wojbYou As You Were 
04/23/2024wzbcBreaking the Yearlings 
04/23/2024wzbcBreaking the Yearlings 
04/23/2024wzbcAnimal Jay 
04/23/2024wzbcYou As You Were