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ArtistCharles Bradley
DiskBlack Velvet
Spinitron ChartJan 31 2019
Chart periodFri Jan 25th thru Thu 31st 2019
Chart stats205 stations reporting 116714 spins
Rank in chart19
Spins in chart period51
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILULuv Jones2019-01-25► Playlist
CILULuv Jones2019-01-27► Playlist
KAFMI Feel a Change2019-01-27► Playlist
KAFMI Feel a Change2019-01-29► Playlist
KAFM(I Hope You Find) The Good Life2019-01-30► Playlist
KAFM(I Hope You Find) The Good Life [feat. Menahan Street Band]2019-01-30► Playlist
KAFMCan't Fight The Feeling2019-01-31► Playlist
KAFMI Feel a Change2019-01-31► Playlist
KAOSI Feel a Change2019-01-26► Playlist
KAOSCan't Fight the Feeling2019-01-26► Playlist
KCPRBlack Velvet2019-01-28► Playlist
KCPRCan't Fight the Feeling (feat. Menahan Street Band)2019-01-29► Playlist
KCPRFly Little Girl2019-01-29► Playlist
KCPRStay Away2019-01-29► Playlist
KDHXHeart of Gold (feat. Menahan Street Band)2019-01-29► Playlist
KDURCan't Fight the Feeling2019-01-29► Playlist
KRFCslip away2019-01-28► Playlist
KRFCVictim of love2019-01-28► Playlist
KSPCslip away2019-01-27► Playlist
KVSCFly Little Girl (feat. Menahan Street Band)2019-01-30► Playlist
KWCWCan't Fight the Feeling (feat. Menahan Street Band)2019-01-28► Playlist
KWCWLuv Jones (feat. LaRose Jackson and Menahan Street Band)2019-01-28► Playlist
KWCWI Feel a Change (feat. Menahan Street Band)2019-01-28► Playlist
KWCWSlip Away (feat. Menahan Street Band)2019-01-28► Playlist
KWCWBlack Velvet2019-01-28► Playlist
KXCICan't Fight the Feeling (feat. Menahan Street Band)2019-01-29► Playlist
KXCIstay away2019-01-30► Playlist
KXCICan't Fight the Feeling2019-01-30► Playlist
KXSFI Feel a Change (feat. Menahan Street Band)2019-01-31► Playlist
RADIOBOISEI Feel a Change2019-01-31► Playlist
WDCEVictim of Love (Electric Version)2019-01-30► Playlist
WERUSlip Away2019-01-25► Playlist
WHUS2Victim Of Love (Electric Version)2019-01-30► Playlist
WLTLCan't Fight the Feeling (feat. Menahan Street Band)2019-01-27► Playlist
WLURHeart of Gold2019-01-30► Playlist
WMEBHeart Of Gold2019-01-29► Playlist
WMSEHeart of Gold 2019-01-25► Playlist
WMSELuv Jones2019-01-30► Playlist
WNMCHeart Of Gold2019-01-26► Playlist
WORTCan't Fight the Feeling2019-01-25► Playlist
WPRKI Feel a Change2019-01-30► Playlist
WUOGSlip Away (feat. Menahan Street Band)2019-01-30► Playlist
WUOGstay away2019-01-31► Playlist
WZBTStay Away2019-01-26► Playlist
WZBTStay Away2019-01-27► Playlist
WZBTFly Little Girl2019-01-28► Playlist
WZBTStay Away2019-01-28► Playlist
WZBTStay Away2019-01-29► Playlist
WZBTFly Little Girl2019-01-30► Playlist
WZBTStay Away2019-01-31► Playlist
WZBTStay Away2019-01-31► Playlist