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ArtistCourtney Barnett
DiskTell Me How You Really Feel
Spinitron ChartJan 31 2019
Chart periodFri Jan 25th thru Thu 31st 2019
Chart stats205 stations reporting 116714 spins
Rank in chart20
Spins in chart period51
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUCrippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Confidence2019-01-25► Playlist
KAOSNameless, Faceless2019-01-26► Playlist
KBGACharity2019-01-30► Playlist
KCPRNeed A Little Time2019-01-26► Playlist
KCSBcharity2019-01-26► Playlist
KSDTWalkin’ on Eggshells2019-01-30► Playlist
KUOMHopefulessness2019-01-28► Playlist
KUOMNameless, Faceless2019-01-28► Playlist
KUOMNameless, Faceless2019-01-30► Playlist
KVSCHopefulessness2019-01-30► Playlist
KVSCCity Looks Pretty2019-01-30► Playlist
KVSCCharity2019-01-30► Playlist
KVSCNeed a Little Time2019-01-30► Playlist
KVSCNameless, Faceless2019-01-30► Playlist
KVSCCrippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Confidence2019-01-30► Playlist
KWURCharity2019-01-29► Playlist
KWVACity Looks Pretty2019-01-29► Playlist
KWVANameless, Faceless2019-01-30► Playlist
KXCIWalkin’ on Eggshells2019-01-28► Playlist
KXCINeed a Little Time2019-01-31► Playlist
KXCIHopefulessness2019-01-31► Playlist
KXSCCharity2019-01-31► Playlist
KZUMCity Looks Pretty2019-01-31► Playlist
KZUMCrippling Self Doubt And A General Lack Of Self Confidence2019-01-31► Playlist
RADIOBOISECity Looks Pretty2019-01-25► Playlist
RADIOBOISECity Looks Pretty2019-01-31► Playlist
WERANameless, Faceless2019-01-29► Playlist
WERANameless, Faceless2019-01-29► Playlist
WGDRCity Looks Pretty2019-01-25► Playlist
WHUSNeed A Little Time2019-01-25► Playlist
WHUSNameless, Faceless2019-01-26► Playlist
WLTLHelp Your Self2019-01-26► Playlist
WLURCharity2019-01-30► Playlist
WMEBNameless, Faceless2019-01-28► Playlist
WMEBCity Looks Pretty2019-01-29► Playlist
WMPGNeed a Little Time2019-01-28► Playlist
WMUANeed a Little Time2019-01-26► Playlist
WPRKCity Looks Pretty2019-01-25► Playlist
WPRKNameless, Faceless2019-01-25► Playlist
WPRKHopefulessness2019-01-30► Playlist
WQFSNeed a Little Time2019-01-26► Playlist
WQFSSunday Roast2019-01-29► Playlist
WQFSCharity2019-01-30► Playlist
WQFSSunday Roast2019-01-31► Playlist
WRBCCity Looks Pretty2019-01-26► Playlist
WRBCNeed a Little Time2019-01-30► Playlist
WSUMNameless, Faceless2019-01-27► Playlist
WSUMCity Looks Pretty2019-01-31► Playlist
WTBUNeed A Little Time2019-01-29► Playlist
WTIPNameless, Faceless2019-01-27► Playlist
WVEWSunday Roast2019-01-26► Playlist