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DiskWeezer (Teal Album)
Spinitron ChartJan 31 2019
Chart periodFri Jan 25th thru Thu 31st 2019
Chart stats205 stations reporting 116714 spins
Rank in chart22
Spins in chart period51
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUTake on Me2019-01-25► Playlist
KBGAAfrica2019-01-27► Playlist
KBGAMr. Blue Sky2019-01-28► Playlist
KBMFTake on Me2019-01-29► Playlist
KBVRNo Scrubs2019-01-25► Playlist
KBVRTake on Me2019-01-31► Playlist
KFFRParanoid2019-01-27► Playlist
KNSJNo Scrubs2019-01-26► Playlist
KNSJBillie Jean2019-01-26► Playlist
KRFCHappy Together2019-01-26► Playlist
KSPCBillie Jean2019-01-28► Playlist
KSPCNo Scrubs2019-01-28► Playlist
KTUHBillie Jean2019-01-27► Playlist
KTUHEverybody Wants To Rule The World2019-01-28► Playlist
KVMRXTake On Me2019-01-26► Playlist
KWMRSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)2019-01-29► Playlist
KWVAno scrubs2019-01-26► Playlist
KWVANo Scrubs2019-01-26► Playlist
KXCIBillie Jean2019-01-30► Playlist
KXSCAfrica2019-01-29► Playlist
KXSFMr. Blue Sky2019-01-25► Playlist
KZFRBillie Jean2019-01-31► Playlist
KZUMNo Scrubs2019-01-29► Playlist
RAINYDAWGNo Scrubs2019-01-31► Playlist
THEUMr. Blue Sky2019-01-25► Playlist
WDCETake on Me2019-01-31► Playlist
WESUHappy Together2019-01-26► Playlist
WFNUAfrica2019-01-29► Playlist
WHUSAfrica2019-01-27► Playlist
WHUSNo Scrubs2019-01-28► Playlist
WLTLMr. Blue Sky2019-01-26► Playlist
WLURMr. Blue Sky2019-01-25► Playlist
WMFONo Scrubs2019-01-31► Playlist
WMUANo Scrubs2019-01-26► Playlist
WMUAHappy Together2019-01-27► Playlist
WOWDTake on Me2019-01-28► Playlist
WOWDBillie Jean2019-01-28► Playlist
WPKNmr blue sky2019-01-28► Playlist
WRBCTake on Me2019-01-25► Playlist
WRBCHappy Together2019-01-29► Playlist
WRUVNo Scrubs 20192019-01-27► Playlist
WRUWParanoid2019-01-27► Playlist
WSFMNo Scrubs2019-01-28► Playlist
WSUMEverybody Wants to Rule the World2019-01-26► Playlist
WSUMHappy Together2019-01-26► Playlist
WTBUNo Scrubs2019-01-27► Playlist
WTBUStand By Me2019-01-28► Playlist
WVUDEverybody Wants to Rule the World2019-01-29► Playlist
WVYCHappy Together2019-01-30► Playlist
WXPRTake on Me2019-01-30► Playlist
WZBTMr. Blue Sky2019-01-29► Playlist