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ArtistWatermelon Slim
DiskChurch of the Blues
Spinitron ChartJan 31 2019
Chart periodFri Jan 25th thru Thu 31st 2019
Chart stats205 stations reporting 116714 spins
Rank in chart45
Spins in chart period33
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMMni Wiconi (The Water Song)2019-01-27► Playlist
KAFMSmokestack Lightning,Halloween Mama2019-01-28► Playlist
KAFMGypsy Woman2019-01-28► Playlist
KAFMSmokestack Lightning2019-01-28► Playlist
KAFMSt. Peter's Ledger2019-01-31► Playlist
KAFMHalloween Mama2019-01-31► Playlist
KAFMToo Much Alcohol2019-01-31► Playlist
KAFMTax Man Blues2019-01-31► Playlist
KAFM61 Highway Blues2019-01-31► Playlist
KBEACHPost-Modern Blues2019-01-31► Playlist
KBEACHToo Much Alcohol2019-01-31► Playlist
KBGACharlottesville (Blues For My Nation)2019-01-26► Playlist
KFAITax Man Blues2019-01-30► Playlist
KKFISt. Peter's Ledger2019-01-25► Playlist
KRFCPost Modern Blues2019-01-29► Playlist
KRVMGet Out of My Life Woman2019-01-27► Playlist
KSJDCharlottesville (Blues for My Nation)2019-01-31► Playlist
KSJDMni Wiconi (The Water Song)2019-01-31► Playlist
KSJSSmoke Stack Lightnin'2019-01-29► Playlist
KTUHGyspy Woman Featuring Bob Margolin2019-01-31► Playlist
KXCICharlottesville (Blues for My Nation)2019-01-26► Playlist
KZFRGet Out Of My Life Woman2019-01-31► Playlist
WBRSPost-Modern Blues2019-01-30► Playlist
WEFTSt. Peter's Ledger2019-01-25► Playlist
WEFTTax Man Blues2019-01-25► Playlist
WEFTPost-Modern Blues2019-01-25► Playlist
WEFTThat Ole 1-4-52019-01-29► Playlist
WEFTPost-Modern Blues2019-01-31► Playlist
WERUSt. Peter's Ledger2019-01-30► Playlist
WMEBMe and My Woman2019-01-31► Playlist
WMSECharlottesville (Blues for My Nation)2019-01-25► Playlist
WMSEToo Much Alcohol2019-01-26► Playlist
WMSEMe and My Woman2019-01-30► Playlist