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ArtistMolly Burch
DiskFirst Flower
Spinitron ChartJan 31 2019
Chart periodFri Jan 25th thru Thu 31st 2019
Chart stats205 stations reporting 116714 spins
Rank in chart47
Spins in chart period32
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KCSUTo the Boys2019-01-26► Playlist
KCSUWild2019-01-29► Playlist
KCSUTo the Boys2019-01-31► Playlist
KCSUWild2019-01-31► Playlist
KUOMcandy2019-01-26► Playlist
KVMRXNothing to Say2019-01-31► Playlist
KVSCWithout You2019-01-28► Playlist
KWCWFirst Flower2019-01-26► Playlist
KWCWnext to me2019-01-26► Playlist
KWCWtrue love2019-01-26► Playlist
KWCWTo the Boys2019-01-31► Playlist
KWCWTo the Boys2019-01-31► Playlist
KWURFirst Flower2019-01-29► Playlist
KWVATo the Boys2019-01-30► Playlist
KXCITo the Boys2019-01-29► Playlist
WLURCandy2019-01-30► Playlist
WORTWild2019-01-29► Playlist
WQFSWild2019-01-28► Playlist
WRUVFirst Flower2019-01-31► Playlist
WUOGtrue love2019-01-26► Playlist
WUOGTo the Boys2019-01-27► Playlist
WUOGcandy2019-01-28► Playlist
WUOGTo the Boys2019-01-28► Playlist
WUOGGood Behavior2019-01-29► Playlist
WUOGtrue love2019-01-30► Playlist
WZBCTo the Boys2019-01-28► Playlist
WZBCWild2019-01-31► Playlist
WZBTCandy2019-01-25► Playlist
WZBTCandy2019-01-25► Playlist
WZBTCandy2019-01-27► Playlist
WZBTCandy2019-01-28► Playlist
WZBTGood Behavior2019-01-30► Playlist