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DiskWhen I Get Home
Spinitron ChartMar 7 2019
Chart periodFri Mar 1st thru Thu 7th 2019
Chart stats209 stations reporting 125765 spins
Rank in chart1
Spins in chart period267
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
BIRNDreams2019-03-06► Playlist
BIRNWay To The Show2019-03-06► Playlist
KAOSWay To The Show2019-03-07► Playlist
KBGAWay To The Show2019-03-07► Playlist
KBGADreams2019-03-07► Playlist
KBUTStay Flo2019-03-05► Playlist
KBUTAlmeda2019-03-05► Playlist
KBUTTime (Is)2019-03-05► Playlist
KCPRSound Of Rain2019-03-06► Playlist
KCSBDown With the Clique2019-03-07► Playlist
KCSUDreams2019-03-02► Playlist
KDHXWay to the Show2019-03-06► Playlist
KDHXThings I Imagined2019-03-06► Playlist
KDHXDown With The Clique2019-03-06► Playlist
KDHXDown With The Clique2019-03-07► Playlist
KDHXWay to the Show2019-03-07► Playlist
KDURSound of Rain2019-03-06► Playlist
KDURDown With the Clique2019-03-06► Playlist
KDURThings I Imagine2019-03-06► Playlist
KFAIThings I Imagined2019-03-02► Playlist
KFAITime (Is)2019-03-05► Playlist
KFAISound Of Rain2019-03-07► Playlist
KOPNThings I Imagined2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNs mcgregor2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNDown With The Clique2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNway to show2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNcan i hold the mic2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNDreams2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNAlmeda2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNTime (is)2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNMy Skin My Logo2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNJerrod2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNBinz2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNBeltway2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNSound of Rain2019-03-02► Playlist
KOPNI'm a Witness2019-03-02► Playlist
KSCUWay to the Show2019-03-05► Playlist
KSDTAlmeda2019-03-02► Playlist
KSDTAlmeda2019-03-02► Playlist
KSDTDreams2019-03-02► Playlist
KSDTDown with the Clique2019-03-02► Playlist
KSDTBinz2019-03-03► Playlist
KSDTBinz2019-03-04► Playlist
KSDTStay Flo2019-03-05► Playlist
KSDTBinz2019-03-06► Playlist
KSDTStay Flo2019-03-06► Playlist
KSDTSound Of Rain2019-03-07► Playlist
KSDTThings I Imagined2019-03-07► Playlist
KSDTStay Flo2019-03-07► Playlist
KSDTAlmeda2019-03-07► Playlist
KTUHDown with the Clique2019-03-03► Playlist
KWCWSound of rain2019-03-02► Playlist
KWCWDown With the Clique2019-03-02► Playlist
KWCWway to the show2019-03-06► Playlist
KWURJerrod2019-03-01► Playlist
KWURSound Of Rain2019-03-01► Playlist
KWURWay To The Show2019-03-03► Playlist
KWURWay To The Show2019-03-03► Playlist
KWURThings I Imagined2019-03-04► Playlist
KWURDreams2019-03-04► Playlist
KWURMy Skin My Logo2019-03-07► Playlist
KWVAThings I've Imagined2019-03-01► Playlist
KWVAWay to the Show2019-03-03► Playlist
KWVADreams2019-03-03► Playlist
KWVAAlmeda2019-03-03► Playlist
KWVABinz2019-03-04► Playlist
KWVAMy Skin My Logo2019-03-04► Playlist
KWVAThings I Imagined2019-03-04► Playlist
KWVASound of Rain2019-03-05► Playlist
KWVAJerrod2019-03-06► Playlist
KWVAMy Skin My Logo2019-03-06► Playlist
KWVADown With The Clique2019-03-06► Playlist
KXCITime (Is)2019-03-05► Playlist
KXCIDreams2019-03-04► Playlist
KXCIDreams2019-03-03► Playlist
KXSCDown with the Clique2019-03-01► Playlist
KXSCBinz2019-03-01► Playlist
KXSCSound Of Rain2019-03-01► Playlist
KXSCBeltway2019-03-01► Playlist
KXSCAlmeda2019-03-01► Playlist
KXSCDreams2019-03-02► Playlist
KXSCDreams2019-03-03► Playlist
KXSCAlmeda2019-03-03► Playlist
KXSCStay Flo2019-03-03► Playlist
KXSCSound of Rain2019-03-03► Playlist
KXSCBeltway2019-03-03► Playlist
KXSCStay Flo2019-03-03► Playlist
KXSCDreams2019-03-05► Playlist
KXSCThings I Imagined2019-03-05► Playlist
KXSCAlmeda2019-03-05► Playlist
KXSCAlmeda2019-03-05► Playlist
KXSCBeltway2019-03-05► Playlist
KXSCStay Flo2019-03-07► Playlist
KXUAThings I Imagined2019-03-07► Playlist
KZAXWay to the Show2019-03-05► Playlist
KZAXDown with the Clique2019-03-05► Playlist
KZSCJerrod2019-03-02► Playlist
KZSCDown With The Clique2019-03-07► Playlist
PIZZAFMAlmeda2019-03-02► Playlist
RADIOBOISEJerrod2019-03-07► Playlist
RAINY DAWGDown With The Clique2019-03-01► Playlist
RAINY DAWGAlmeda2019-03-01► Playlist
RAINY DAWGBinz2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGSound Of Rain2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGAlmeda2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGWay To The Show2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGDreams2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGThings I Imagined2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGs mcgregor2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGDown With The Clique2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGcan i hold the mic2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGStay Flo2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGDreams2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGnothing without intention2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGAlmeda2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGtime2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGMy Skin My Logo2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGWe Deal with the Freak'n (intermission)2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGJerrod2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGBinz2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGBeltway2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGexit scott2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGSound Of Rain2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGNot Screwed! (interlude)2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGI'm a Witness2019-03-06► Playlist
RAINY DAWGDown With The Clique2019-03-07► Playlist
RAINY DAWGMy Skin My Logo2019-03-07► Playlist
RAINY DAWGWay to the Show2019-03-07► Playlist
WBARnot screwed! (interlude)2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARMy Skin My Logo2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARThings I Imagined2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARtime (is)2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARi'm a witness2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARThings I Imagined2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARS McGregor (interlude)2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARDown with the Clique2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARWay to the Show2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARStay Flo2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARDreams2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARNothing Without Intention (interlude)2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARAlmeda2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARTime (Is)2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARMy Skin My Logo2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARJerrod2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARBinz2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARBeltway2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARExit Scott (interlude)2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARSound of Rain2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARI'm a Witness2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARWe Deal with the Freak'n (intermission)2019-03-01► Playlist
WBARBinz2019-03-03► Playlist
WBARMy Skin My Logo2019-03-03► Playlist
WBARAlmeda2019-03-04► Playlist
WBARAlmeda2019-03-05► Playlist
WBRUJerrod2019-03-01► Playlist
WBRUtime (is2019-03-01► Playlist
WBRUBinz2019-03-06► Playlist
WBRUDreams2019-03-06► Playlist
WBRUStay Flo2019-03-07► Playlist
WCHCthings i imagined2019-03-01► Playlist
WCHCDown with the clique2019-03-01► Playlist
WDCEAlmeda2019-03-06► Playlist
WDCESound Of Rain2019-03-07► Playlist
WHCLDreams2019-03-03► Playlist
WHUSThings I Imagined2019-03-07► Playlist
WHUSStay Flo2019-03-07► Playlist
WHUSWay to the Show2019-03-07► Playlist
WKCRBeltway2019-03-02► Playlist
WKNCStay Flo2019-03-03► Playlist
WKNCMy Skin My Logo2019-03-04► Playlist
WKNCMy Skin My Logo2019-03-05► Playlist
WLURBinz2019-03-05► Playlist
WLURMy Skin My Logo2019-03-06► Playlist
WMCNJerrod2019-03-03► Playlist
WMCNThings I Imagined2019-03-05► Playlist
WMCNAlmeda2019-03-05► Playlist
WMCNNothing Without Intention2019-03-05► Playlist
WMCNWay To The Show2019-03-07► Playlist
WMEBWay to the Show2019-03-03► Playlist
WMFOStay Flo2019-03-01► Playlist
WMFOAlmeda2019-03-04► Playlist
WMFOWay to the Show2019-03-04► Playlist
WMFOAlmeda2019-03-05► Playlist
WMPGAlmeda2019-03-03► Playlist
WMPGBinz2019-03-03► Playlist
WMSETime (Is) [feat. Sampha]2019-03-05► Playlist
WMUASound of Rain2019-03-01► Playlist
WMUAWay to the Show2019-03-01► Playlist
WMUAAlmeda2019-03-02► Playlist
WMUADreams2019-03-02► Playlist
WMUAJerrod2019-03-03► Playlist
WMUAMy Skin My Logo2019-03-04► Playlist
WMUASound of Rain2019-03-05► Playlist
WMUADreams2019-03-05► Playlist
WMUASound of Rain2019-03-06► Playlist
WOWDSound of Rain2019-03-03► Playlist
WPRKSound Of Rain2019-03-04► Playlist
WRBBStay Flo2019-03-04► Playlist
WRBBMy Skin My Logo2019-03-04► Playlist
WRBBTime (Is)2019-03-04► Playlist
WRBBDown With The Clique2019-03-04► Playlist
WRBCMy Skin My Logo2019-03-01► Playlist
WRBCThings I Imagined2019-03-01► Playlist
WRBCMy Skin My Logo2019-03-02► Playlist
WRBCDown With The Clique2019-03-05► Playlist
WRBCAlmeda2019-03-07► Playlist
WRUVWay To The Show2019-03-01► Playlist
WRUVMy Skin My Logo2019-03-01► Playlist
WRUVDreams - 20192019-03-03► Playlist
WRUVStay Flo2019-03-04► Playlist
WRUVDreams2019-03-04► Playlist
WRUVJerrod2019-03-05► Playlist
WRUVDown With The Clique2019-03-05► Playlist
WRUVWay To The Show2019-03-05► Playlist
WRUVSound Of Rain2019-03-05► Playlist
WRUVBeltway2019-03-06► Playlist
WRUVDown With The Clique2019-03-07► Playlist
WRUVDreams - 20192019-03-07► Playlist
WRUVDreams2019-03-07► Playlist
WRUVStay Flo2019-03-07► Playlist
WRUVDown with the Clique2019-03-07► Playlist
WRUWStay Flo2019-03-06► Playlist
WRUWExit Scott (interlude)2019-03-06► Playlist
WRUWSound of Rain2019-03-06► Playlist
WSCAStay Flo2019-03-04► Playlist
WSFMStay Flo2019-03-02► Playlist
WSFMWay to the Show2019-03-05► Playlist
WSFMWay to the Show2019-03-06► Playlist
WSFMStay Flo2019-03-07► Playlist
WSUMThings I Imagined2019-03-01► Playlist
WSUMSound of Rain2019-03-01► Playlist
WSUMAlmeda2019-03-02► Playlist
WSUMWay To The Show2019-03-02► Playlist
WSUMDown With The Clique2019-03-02► Playlist
WSUMSound of Rain2019-03-03► Playlist
WSUMMy Skin My Logo2019-03-05► Playlist
WSUMAlmeda2019-03-05► Playlist
WSUMSound of Rain2019-03-05► Playlist
WSUMMy Skin My Logo2019-03-07► Playlist
WTBUJerrod2019-03-01► Playlist
WTBUWay to the Show2019-03-01► Playlist
WTBUJerrod2019-03-01► Playlist
WTBUDown With the Clique2019-03-01► Playlist
WTBUMy Skin My Logo2019-03-02► Playlist
WTBUMy Skin My Logo2019-03-03► Playlist
WTBUTime (is)2019-03-03► Playlist
WTBUDreams2019-03-03► Playlist
WTBUMy Skin My Logo2019-03-05► Playlist
WTBUThings I Imagined2019-03-05► Playlist
WTBUDreams2019-03-06► Playlist
WVEWWay to the Show2019-03-04► Playlist
WVUD HD2My Skin My Logo2019-03-01► Playlist
WVUD HD2Stay Flo2019-03-05► Playlist
WVUD HD2Binz2019-03-05► Playlist
WVUD HD2Sound of Rain2019-03-05► Playlist
WXNAAlmeda2019-03-05► Playlist
WXNABinz2019-03-05► Playlist
WXNASound Of Rain2019-03-05► Playlist
WXNACan I Hold The Mic (Interlude)2019-03-05► Playlist
WXNADreams2019-03-05► Playlist
WXNAI'm a Witness2019-03-05► Playlist
WXNAJerrod2019-03-07► Playlist
WXOXDown with the Clique2019-03-01► Playlist
WXOXWay to the Show2019-03-04► Playlist
WXOXWay to the Show2019-03-06► Playlist
WXOXI'm a Witness2019-03-07► Playlist
WZBCSound of Rain2019-03-05► Playlist