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ArtistJenny Lewis
DiskOn the Line
Spinitron ChartApr 11 2019
Chart periodFri Apr 5th thru Thu 11th 2019
Chart stats210 stations reporting 124038 spins
Rank in chart14
Spins in chart period74
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMHeads Gonna Roll2019-04-05► Playlist
KAOSWasted Youth2019-04-06► Playlist
KAOSHeads Gonna Roll2019-04-06► Playlist
KBUTRed Bull & Hennessy2019-04-08► Playlist
KCSBhollywood lawn2019-04-06► Playlist
KDHXHeads Gonna Roll2019-04-09► Playlist
KDHXRed Bull & Hennessy2019-04-11► Playlist
KDNKDo Si Do2019-04-09► Playlist
KRFCWasted Youth2019-04-07► Playlist
KSQDRed Bull & Hennessy2019-04-08► Playlist
KUOMWasted Youth2019-04-06► Playlist
KUOMWasted Youth2019-04-06► Playlist
KUOMHeads Gonna Roll2019-04-06► Playlist
KUOMWasted Youth2019-04-07► Playlist
KUOMHeads Gonna Roll2019-04-07► Playlist
KUOMHeads Gonna Roll2019-04-07► Playlist
KUOMWasted Youth2019-04-07► Playlist
KUOMWasted Youth2019-04-08► Playlist
KUOMHeads Gonna Roll2019-04-09► Playlist
KUOMWasted Youth2019-04-09► Playlist
KUOMWasted Youth2019-04-10► Playlist
KUOMHeads Gonna Roll2019-04-10► Playlist
KUOMWasted Youth2019-04-10► Playlist
KUOMWasted Youth2019-04-11► Playlist
KVSCRed Bull & Hennessy2019-04-05► Playlist
KWCWRed Bull & Hennessy2019-04-11► Playlist
KWVADo Si Do2019-04-11► Playlist
KXCIDo Si Do2019-04-05► Playlist
KXCIDo Si Do2019-04-05► Playlist
KXCIRabbit Hole2019-04-05► Playlist
KXCIRabbit Hole2019-04-07► Playlist
KXCIWasted Youth2019-04-08► Playlist
KXCIRed Bull & Hennessy2019-04-09► Playlist
KXCIHollywood Lawn2019-04-09► Playlist
KXCILittle White Dove2019-04-09► Playlist
KXCILittle White Dove2019-04-10► Playlist
KXCIDo Si Do2019-04-10► Playlist
KXCIRabbit Hole2019-04-10► Playlist
KZMURed Bull & Hennessy2019-04-10► Playlist
KZUMWasted Youth2019-04-08► Playlist
RADIO FAIRFAXOn the Line2019-04-09► Playlist
RADIOBOISEWasted Youth2019-04-08► Playlist
RADIOBOISELittle White Dove2019-04-10► Playlist
RADIOBOISEDo Si Do2019-04-10► Playlist
RADIOBOISEWasted Youth2019-04-11► Playlist
RAINY DAWGLittle White Dove2019-04-10► Playlist
WBCADo Si Do2019-04-05► Playlist
WDCERed Bull & Hennessy2019-04-05► Playlist
WICNLittle White Doves2019-04-10► Playlist
WLURRed Bull & Hennessy2019-04-05► Playlist
WLURRed Bull & Hennessy2019-04-09► Playlist
WLURHeads Gonna Roll2019-04-09► Playlist
WLURWasted Youth2019-04-11► Playlist
WMEBLittle White Dove2019-04-07► Playlist
WMEBLittle White Dove2019-04-08► Playlist
WMEBLittle White Dove2019-04-09► Playlist
WMFOOn the Line2019-04-09► Playlist
WMFOHollywood Lawn2019-04-09► Playlist
WMFODo Si Do2019-04-11► Playlist
WNMCHollywood Lawn2019-04-08► Playlist
WOWDRabbit Hole2019-04-09► Playlist
WOWDOn the Line2019-04-11► Playlist
WPRKRed Bull & Hennessy2019-04-10► Playlist
WRBCRabbit Hole2019-04-05► Playlist
WRUVRed Bull & Hennessy2019-04-11► Playlist
WSFMWasted Youth2019-04-05► Playlist
WSFMWasted Youth2019-04-06► Playlist
WSFMHollywood Lawn2019-04-07► Playlist
WSFMLittle White Dove2019-04-11► Playlist
WSUMLittle White Dove2019-04-05► Playlist
WSUMLittle White Dove2019-04-11► Playlist
WVMORed Bull & Hennessy (radio edit)2019-04-08► Playlist
WXNAWasted Youth2019-04-10► Playlist
WZBTWasted Youth2019-04-08► Playlist