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DiskThe Seduction of Kansas
Spinitron ChartApr 11 2019
Chart periodFri Apr 5th thru Thu 11th 2019
Chart stats210 stations reporting 124038 spins
Rank in chart43
Spins in chart period48
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
BIRNThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-11► Playlist
KCPRThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-09► Playlist
KCPRThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-09► Playlist
KCPRControl Freak2019-04-09► Playlist
KCPRThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-10► Playlist
KCPRThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-11► Playlist
KCSCGood Time Charlie2019-04-08► Playlist
KFAIThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-10► Playlist
KPOVGood Time Charlie2019-04-10► Playlist
KVMRXCarol2019-04-09► Playlist
KWURTexas Instruments2019-04-09► Playlist
KWURTexas Instruments2019-04-10► Playlist
KWVAThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-06► Playlist
KXSFTexas Instruments2019-04-07► Playlist
KZMUIce Cream2019-04-11► Playlist
PIZZAFMYoutube Sartre2019-04-11► Playlist
RADIO FAIRFAXControl Freak2019-04-10► Playlist
RADIOBOISEThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-06► Playlist
RADIOBOISEThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-08► Playlist
RAINY DAWGThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-10► Playlist
THEUJesus’ Son2019-04-08► Playlist
THEUThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-11► Playlist
WBRUThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-05► Playlist
WESUJesus’ Son2019-04-05► Playlist
WLURThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-10► Playlist
WLURThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-10► Playlist
WMEBThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-08► Playlist
WMUAJesus' Song2019-04-07► Playlist
WNMCI'm Clean2019-04-07► Playlist
WNMC68 Screen2019-04-07► Playlist
WNMCYouTube Sartre2019-04-11► Playlist
WNMCI'm Clean2019-04-11► Playlist
WORTTexas Instruments2019-04-10► Playlist
WRUVJesus' Son2019-04-09► Playlist
WRUVControl Freak2019-04-10► Playlist
WRUVCarol2019-04-10► Playlist
WRUVThe Seduction Of Kansas2019-04-11► Playlist
WRUVJesus’ Son2019-04-11► Playlist
WSFMThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-09► Playlist
WSFMJesus’ Son2019-04-09► Playlist
WTBUThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-10► Playlist
WUMLThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-10► Playlist
WUOGControl Freak2019-04-06► Playlist
WVMOGood Time Charlie2019-04-08► Playlist
WXNAThe Seduction of Kansas2019-04-06► Playlist
WXNAI'm Clean2019-04-09► Playlist
WZBCJesus’ Son2019-04-05► Playlist
WZBCGood Time Charlie2019-04-08► Playlist