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ArtistMac Demarco
DiskHere Comes the Cowboy
Spinitron ChartApr 11 2019
Chart periodFri Apr 5th thru Thu 11th 2019
Chart stats210 stations reporting 124038 spins
Rank in chart44
Spins in chart period47
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KBMFAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-06► Playlist
KHOLAll Of Our Yesterdays2019-04-09► Playlist
KSCUAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-08► Playlist
KSJDAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-11► Playlist
KVNFAll Of Our Yesterdays2019-04-11► Playlist
KWURAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-06► Playlist
KWVAAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-06► Playlist
KWVAAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-11► Playlist
KXCIAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-05► Playlist
KXCIAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-07► Playlist
KXCIAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-10► Playlist
KXSCAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-11► Playlist
KXUAAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-09► Playlist
KZMUNobody2019-04-05► Playlist
PIZZAFMAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-07► Playlist
RADIOBOISEAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-09► Playlist
RADIOBOISEAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-11► Playlist
RAINY DAWGAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-05► Playlist
RAINY DAWGAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-08► Playlist
WBRSAll Of Our Yesterdays2019-04-11► Playlist
WCHCNobody2019-04-06► Playlist
WDCEAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-06► Playlist
WDCEAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-08► Playlist
WFCSNobody2019-04-09► Playlist
WHCLAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-07► Playlist
WLTLNobody2019-04-11► Playlist
WMUAnobody2019-04-06► Playlist
WMUAAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-11► Playlist
WOMRAll Of Our Yesterdays2019-04-08► Playlist
WPRKAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-05► Playlist
WPRKAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-09► Playlist
WRBBAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-05► Playlist
WRBBAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-06► Playlist
WRBCAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-11► Playlist
WRUVAll Of Our Yesterdays - 20192019-04-07► Playlist
WRUVAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-08► Playlist
WRUVAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-10► Playlist
WRUVAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-10► Playlist
WRUWNobody2019-04-10► Playlist
WRUWAll Of Our Yesterdays2019-04-10► Playlist
WSUMAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-05► Playlist
WSUMNobody2019-04-08► Playlist
WSUMAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-10► Playlist
WVUDAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-11► Playlist
WZBTAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-08► Playlist
WZBTnobody2019-04-10► Playlist
WZBTAll of Our Yesterdays2019-04-10► Playlist