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DiskWhen I Get Home
Spinitron ChartApr 11 2019
Chart periodFri Apr 5th thru Thu 11th 2019
Chart stats210 stations reporting 124038 spins
Rank in chart47
Spins in chart period44
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KCPRSound Of Rain2019-04-09► Playlist
KDHXAlmeda2019-04-11► Playlist
KFAIWay to the Show2019-04-09► Playlist
KKCRTime (is)2019-04-07► Playlist
KSDTStay Flo2019-04-08► Playlist
KSDTBinz2019-04-08► Playlist
KWVADreams2019-04-06► Playlist
KWVADreams2019-04-10► Playlist
KWVAStay Flo2019-04-11► Playlist
KWVAJerrod2019-04-11► Playlist
KXCIDown with the Clique2019-04-08► Playlist
KXCIWay to the Show2019-04-09► Playlist
KXSCAlmeda2019-04-09► Playlist
KXSCMy Skin My Logo2019-04-09► Playlist
KXSCSound Of Rain2019-04-09► Playlist
KXSFStay Flo2019-04-05► Playlist
KZSCI'm a Witness2019-04-06► Playlist
KZSCSound of Rain2019-04-08► Playlist
RADIOBOISESound of Rain2019-04-11► Playlist
RAINY DAWGAlmeda2019-04-08► Playlist
RAINY DAWGNothing Without Intention (interlude)2019-04-11► Playlist
WBARI'm a Witness2019-04-05► Playlist
WBARBinz2019-04-07► Playlist
WBRUJerrod2019-04-05► Playlist
WESUThings I Imagined2019-04-05► Playlist
WFCSDown with the Clique2019-04-09► Playlist
WFHBDown With the Clique2019-04-05► Playlist
WFHBSound of rain2019-04-05► Playlist
WHCLStay Flo2019-04-09► Playlist
WHRBStay Flo2019-04-07► Playlist
WHRBAlmeda2019-04-07► Playlist
WMCNThings I Imagined2019-04-11► Playlist
WMCNMy Skin My Logo2019-04-11► Playlist
WMFOBinz2019-04-08► Playlist
WMFOSound of Rain2019-04-11► Playlist
WMUAStay Flo2019-04-06► Playlist
WMUAWay to the Show2019-04-06► Playlist
WMUAJerrod2019-04-10► Playlist
WRBBWay to the Show2019-04-08► Playlist
WRBBAlmeda2019-04-08► Playlist
WRUVWay to the Show2019-04-06► Playlist
WXNASound of Rain2019-04-11► Playlist
WZBTMy Skin My Logo2019-04-09► Playlist
WZBTSound of Rain2019-04-09► Playlist