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ArtistDurand Jones & The Indications
DiskAmerican Love Call
Spinitron ChartMay 9 2019
Chart periodFri May 3rd thru Thu 9th 2019
Chart stats208 stations reporting 290681 spins
Rank in chart17
Spins in chart period107
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMMorning in America2019-05-05► Playlist
KAOSMorning in America2019-05-04► Playlist
KAOSToo Many Tears2019-05-06► Playlist
KCPRHow Can I Be Sure2019-05-04► Playlist
KCPRToo Many Tears2019-05-06► Playlist
KCPRLong Way Home2019-05-08► Playlist
KCPRLong Way Home2019-05-09► Playlist
KCSUCircles2019-05-03► Playlist
KCSUCircles2019-05-03► Playlist
KCSUSea Gets Hotter2019-05-04► Playlist
KCSUCircles2019-05-04► Playlist
KCSUCourt Of Love2019-05-05► Playlist
KCSUListen To Your Heart2019-05-05► Playlist
KCSUWalk Away2019-05-05► Playlist
KCSUListen To Your Heart2019-05-06► Playlist
KCSUToo Many Tears2019-05-07► Playlist
KCSUToo Many Tears2019-05-07► Playlist
KCSUWalk Away2019-05-07► Playlist
KCSUWalk Away2019-05-07► Playlist
KCSUWalk Away2019-05-08► Playlist
KCSUCourt of Love2019-05-08► Playlist
KCSUWalk Away2019-05-09► Playlist
KCSUMorning In America2019-05-09► Playlist
KDHXWhat I Know About You2019-05-08► Playlist
KDHXMorning in America2019-05-08► Playlist
KDNKMorning in America2019-05-05► Playlist
KDNKDon't You Know2019-05-05► Playlist
KDNKCircles2019-05-05► Playlist
KDNKCourt of Love2019-05-05► Playlist
KDNKLong Way Home2019-05-05► Playlist
KDNKToo Many Tears2019-05-05► Playlist
KDNKWalk Away2019-05-05► Playlist
KDNKWhat I Know About You2019-05-05► Playlist
KDNKListen to Your Heart2019-05-05► Playlist
KDNKSea Gets Hotter2019-05-05► Playlist
KDNKHow Can I Be Sure2019-05-05► Playlist
KDNKTrue Love2019-05-05► Playlist
KDURMorning in America2019-05-07► Playlist
KHOLDon’t You Know (feat. Aaron Frazer)2019-05-03► Playlist
KRFCDon't You Know2019-05-03► Playlist
KRFCCourt of Love2019-05-05► Playlist
KRFCDon’t You Know (feat. Aaron Frazer)2019-05-03► Playlist
KRFCCourt of Love2019-05-05► Playlist
KRFCTrue Love2019-05-07► Playlist
KRFFLong Way Home2019-05-03► Playlist
KRFFTrue Love2019-05-04► Playlist
KRFFLong Way Home2019-05-04► Playlist
KRFFDon't You Know2019-05-05► Playlist
KRFFMorning in America2019-05-05► Playlist
KRFFToo Many Tears2019-05-05► Playlist
KRFFToo Many Tears2019-05-06► Playlist
KRFFWhat I Know About You2019-05-07► Playlist
KRFFMorning in America2019-05-07► Playlist
KRFFTrue Love2019-05-08► Playlist
KRFFLong Way Home2019-05-09► Playlist
KRFFToo Many Tears2019-05-09► Playlist
KRUIMorning in America2019-05-05► Playlist
KRUIMorning in America2019-05-05► Playlist
KRUIDon't You Know2019-05-05► Playlist
KRUIWalk Away2019-05-06► Playlist
KRUIMorning in America2019-05-08► Playlist
KRUIDon't You Know2019-05-08► Playlist
KRUIMorning in America2019-05-08► Playlist
KRUIMorning in America2019-05-09► Playlist
KTUHHow Can I Be Sure2019-05-03► Playlist
KVMRSea Gets Hotter2019-05-03► Playlist
KVSCDon't You Know2019-05-08► Playlist
KVSCDon’t You Know2019-05-09► Playlist
KXCIMorning in America2019-05-03► Playlist
KXCIDon’t You Know2019-05-03► Playlist
KXCILong Way Home2019-05-06► Playlist
KXCICircles2019-05-06► Playlist
KXCIListen to Your Heart2019-05-06► Playlist
KXCIListen to Your Heart2019-05-09► Playlist
KZYXListen to Your Heart2019-05-09► Playlist
WESUDon’t You Know (feat. Aaron Frazer)2019-05-07► Playlist
WFHBToo Many Tears2019-05-03► Playlist
WFHBDon’t You Know (feat. Aaron Frazer)2019-05-06► Playlist
WFHBMorning in America2019-05-07► Playlist
WMPGDon’t You Know2019-05-05► Playlist
WMPGDon’t You Know (feat. Aaron Frazer)2019-05-05► Playlist
WMSEHow Can I Be Sure2019-05-08► Playlist
WMSEDon't You Know2019-05-08► Playlist
WMUALong Way Home2019-05-04► Playlist
WNMCDon't You Know2019-05-03► Playlist
WNRNLong Way Home2019-05-03► Playlist
WNRNLong Way Home2019-05-05► Playlist
WNRNLong Way Home2019-05-06► Playlist
WNRNLong Way Home2019-05-07► Playlist
WNRNLong Way Home2019-05-07► Playlist
WNRNLong Way Home2019-05-09► Playlist
WQFSDon’t You Know2019-05-03► Playlist
WQFSSea Gets Hotter2019-05-04► Playlist
WQFSLong Way Home2019-05-05► Playlist
WQFSWhat I Know About You2019-05-06► Playlist
WQFSCircles2019-05-08► Playlist
WQFSTrue Love2019-05-08► Playlist
WRUWWalk Away2019-05-05► Playlist
WRUWMorning in America2019-05-08► Playlist
WSCALong Way Home2019-05-06► Playlist
WSCACircles2019-05-08► Playlist
WUNHLong Way Home2019-05-03► Playlist
WUNHDon’t You Know2019-05-08► Playlist
WXPRMorning in America2019-05-08► Playlist
WZBTLong Way Home2019-05-05► Playlist
WZBTCourt Of Love2019-05-07► Playlist
WZBTLong Way Home2019-05-08► Playlist