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ArtistLee Fields & The Expressions
DiskIt Rains Love
Spinitron ChartMay 9 2019
Chart periodFri May 3rd thru Thu 9th 2019
Chart stats208 stations reporting 290681 spins
Rank in chart37
Spins in chart period79
05/03/2019birnWill I Get Off EasyPlaylist
05/04/2019birnIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/04/2019birnIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/06/2019birnIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/06/2019birnIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/09/2019birnWill I Get Off EasyPlaylist
05/09/2019birnWill I Get Off EasyPlaylist
05/04/2019birncoreIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/05/2019birncoreIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/09/2019birncoreIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/09/2019birncoreWill I Get Off EasyPlaylist
05/04/2019KAOSLove Is the AnswerPlaylist
05/06/2019KAOSYou’re What’s Needed in My LifePlaylist
05/03/2019KCPRLove PrisonerPlaylist
05/04/2019KCPRLove PrisonerPlaylist
05/06/2019KCPRIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/06/2019KCPRLove Is The AnswerPlaylist
05/09/2019KCPRIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/09/2019KCPRIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/03/2019KDHXTwo FacesPlaylist
05/04/2019KDHXTwo FacesPlaylist
05/08/2019KDHXLove Is The AnswerPlaylist
05/08/2019KDHXA Promise Is a PromisePlaylist
05/09/2019KDHXWill I Get off EasyPlaylist
05/05/2019KDNKIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/05/2019KDNKBlessed with the BestPlaylist
05/05/2019KDNKTwo FacesPlaylist
05/05/2019KDNKYou're What's Needed in My LifePlaylist
05/05/2019KDNKWake UpPlaylist
05/05/2019KDNKWill I Get Off EasyPlaylist
05/05/2019KDNKLove PrisonerPlaylist
05/05/2019KDNKA Promise Is a PromisePlaylist
05/05/2019KDNKGod Is RealPlaylist
05/05/2019KDNKLove Is the AnswerPlaylist
05/05/2019KDNKDon't Give Up (Bonus Track)Playlist
05/06/2019KDURYou're What's Needed in My LifePlaylist
05/07/2019KDURBlessed with the BestPlaylist
05/09/2019KDURTwo FacesPlaylist
05/09/2019KKCRWake UpPlaylist
05/09/2019KKCRWill I Get Off EasyPlaylist
05/03/2019KRFFYou're What's Needed In My LifPlaylist
05/04/2019KRFFLove PrisonerPlaylist
05/07/2019KRFFTwo FacesPlaylist
05/07/2019KRFFWake UpPlaylist
05/08/2019KRFFYou're What's Needed In My LifPlaylist
05/08/2019KRFFTwo FacesPlaylist
05/09/2019KRFFWake UpPlaylist
05/06/2019KSJDIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/08/2019KSJSIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/05/2019KTUHYou’re What’s Needed in My LifePlaylist
05/05/2019KTUHIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/03/2019KVMRWake UpPlaylist
05/04/2019KVSCIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/07/2019KVSCWill I Get off EasyPlaylist
05/07/2019KWCWLove Is the AnswerPlaylist
05/08/2019KWVALove Is the AnswerPlaylist
05/03/2019KXCIIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/06/2019KXCITwo FacesPlaylist
05/07/2019KXCIIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/06/2019KXUAIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/09/2019KZYXLove Is the AnswerPlaylist
05/06/2019RadioBoiseIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/04/2019WDRTIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/07/2019WESUTwo FacesPlaylist
05/03/2019WFHBBlessed with the BestPlaylist
05/05/2019WFHBLove PrisonerPlaylist
05/06/2019WFHBWake UpPlaylist
05/09/2019WFHBWake UpPlaylist
05/07/2019WLURIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/03/2019WLURWake UpPlaylist
05/09/2019WMEBIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/03/2019WNMCTwo FacesPlaylist
05/03/2019WNMCWake UpPlaylist
05/03/2019WORTTwo FacesPlaylist
05/05/2019WPKNYou’re What’s Needed in My LifePlaylist
05/03/2019wsfmA Promise Is a PromisePlaylist
05/09/2019wsfmWake UpPlaylist
05/03/2019WUNHA Promise Is a PromisePlaylist
05/03/2019WXPRWake UpPlaylist