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DiskBeat My Distance
Spinitron ChartMay 9 2019
Chart periodFri May 3rd thru Thu 9th 2019
Chart stats208 stations reporting 290681 spins
Rank in chart40
Spins in chart period78
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CHLYOnly You2019-05-03► Playlist
CHLYShe's the One2019-05-03► Playlist
CHLYVanilla (Here We Go Again)2019-05-03► Playlist
CHLYDaffodils2019-05-03► Playlist
CHLYSunshine (Back to the Start)2019-05-03► Playlist
CHLYShe's the One2019-05-08► Playlist
CHLYOnly You2019-05-08► Playlist
CHLYDaffodils2019-05-08► Playlist
CHLYVanilla (Here We Go Again)2019-05-08► Playlist
CHLYSegue2019-05-08► Playlist
CILUEndless Dive2019-05-09► Playlist
KAFMOn Your Own2019-05-08► Playlist
KCPRMemory Lane2019-05-09► Playlist
KSYMMemory Lane2019-05-03► Playlist
KVSCShe's the One2019-05-03► Playlist
KVSCOn Your Own2019-05-06► Playlist
KVSCSunshine (Back to the Start)2019-05-07► Playlist
KVSCOn Your Own2019-05-08► Playlist
RADIOBOISEEndless Dive2019-05-06► Playlist
WDBMDaffodils2019-05-05► Playlist
WDBMDaffodils2019-05-08► Playlist
WDCEShe's The One2019-05-03► Playlist
WDCEOn Your Own2019-05-03► Playlist
WDCESunshine (Back To The Start)2019-05-03► Playlist
WDCEMemory Lane2019-05-04► Playlist
WDCEDaffodils2019-05-04► Playlist
WDCEShe's The One2019-05-04► Playlist
WDCEOn Your Own2019-05-04► Playlist
WDCESunshine (Back To The Start)2019-05-04► Playlist
WDCEMemory Lane2019-05-04► Playlist
WDCEDaffodils2019-05-05► Playlist
WDCEShe's The One2019-05-05► Playlist
WDCEOn Your Own2019-05-05► Playlist
WDCESunshine (Back To The Start)2019-05-05► Playlist
WDCEMemory Lane2019-05-06► Playlist
WDCEDaffodils2019-05-06► Playlist
WDCEShe's The One2019-05-06► Playlist
WDCEOn Your Own2019-05-06► Playlist
WDCESunshine (Back To The Start)2019-05-06► Playlist
WDCEMemory Lane2019-05-06► Playlist
WDCEMemory Lane2019-05-06► Playlist
WDCEDaffodils2019-05-07► Playlist
WDCEShe's The One2019-05-07► Playlist
WDCEOn Your Own2019-05-07► Playlist
WDCESunshine (Back To The Start)2019-05-07► Playlist
WDCEMemory Lane2019-05-07► Playlist
WDCEDaffodils2019-05-07► Playlist
WDCEShe's The One2019-05-08► Playlist
WDCEOn Your Own2019-05-08► Playlist
WDCESunshine (Back To The Start)2019-05-08► Playlist
WDCEMemory Lane2019-05-08► Playlist
WDCEDaffodils2019-05-08► Playlist
WDCEShe's The One2019-05-08► Playlist
WDCEOn Your Own2019-05-09► Playlist
WDCESunshine (Back To The Start)2019-05-09► Playlist
WDCEMemory Lane2019-05-09► Playlist
WDCEDaffodils2019-05-09► Playlist
WDCEShe's The One2019-05-09► Playlist
WLTLSunshine (Back to the Start)2019-05-03► Playlist
WLTLSunshine (Back To The Start)2019-05-04► Playlist
WLTLSunshine (Back to the Start)2019-05-06► Playlist
WLTLSunshine (Back to the Start)2019-05-09► Playlist
WNMCVanilla (Here We Go Again)2019-05-08► Playlist
WRASShe's The One2019-05-07► Playlist
WRASEndless Drive2019-05-08► Playlist
WRASSunshine (Back To The Start)2019-05-08► Playlist
WRASVanilla (Here We Go Again) 2019-05-08► Playlist
WRASShe's The One2019-05-09► Playlist
WRASEndless Drive2019-05-09► Playlist
WRASSunshine (Back To The Start)2019-05-09► Playlist
WSUMSegue2019-05-04► Playlist
WSUMShe's The One2019-05-07► Playlist
WSUMSegue2019-05-07► Playlist
WSUMShe's The One2019-05-08► Playlist
WVEWSunshine (Back to the Start)2019-05-09► Playlist
WZBCShe's the One2019-05-09► Playlist
WZBTMemory Lane2019-05-05► Playlist
WZBTSunshine (Back To The Start)2019-05-06► Playlist