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ArtistOrville Peck
Spinitron ChartMay 9 2019
Chart periodFri May 3rd thru Thu 9th 2019
Chart stats208 stations reporting 290681 spins
Rank in chart46
Spins in chart period68
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CHLYHope to Die2019-05-05► Playlist
CHLYBig Sky2019-05-05► Playlist
KAOSKansas (Remembers Me Now)2019-05-04► Playlist
KBMFRoses Are Falling2019-05-03► Playlist
KBMFWinds Change2019-05-03► Playlist
KCSUWinds Change2019-05-03► Playlist
KCSUQueen Of The Rodeo2019-05-04► Playlist
KCSUKansas (Remembers Me Now)2019-05-04► Playlist
KCSUTurn To Hate2019-05-04► Playlist
KCSUHope To Die2019-05-05► Playlist
KCSUBuffalo Run2019-05-05► Playlist
KCSUBig Sky2019-05-05► Playlist
KCSUWinds Change2019-05-05► Playlist
KCSUHope To Die2019-05-06► Playlist
KCSUTake You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call)2019-05-06► Playlist
KCSUQueen Of The Rodeo2019-05-07► Playlist
KCSUOld River2019-05-07► Playlist
KCSUHope To Die2019-05-07► Playlist
KCSUKansas (Remembers Me Now)2019-05-07► Playlist
KCSUDead of Night2019-05-08► Playlist
KCSUTurn To Hate2019-05-08► Playlist
KCSUWinds Change2019-05-09► Playlist
KRUIWinds Change2019-05-03► Playlist
KRUIDead of Night2019-05-03► Playlist
KRUIRoses Are Falling2019-05-05► Playlist
KRUIDead of Night2019-05-08► Playlist
KSYMWinds Change2019-05-05► Playlist
KSYMTake You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call)2019-05-07► Playlist
KUOMTurn to Hate2019-05-03► Playlist
KUOMBuffalo Run2019-05-07► Playlist
KUOMTurn to Hate2019-05-07► Playlist
KUOMWinds Change2019-05-09► Playlist
KVMRBuffalo Run2019-05-03► Playlist
KWVADead of Night2019-05-08► Playlist
KWVAWinds Change2019-05-09► Playlist
KXCITurn to Hate2019-05-03► Playlist
KXCIDead of Night2019-05-06► Playlist
KXCITake You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call)2019-05-07► Playlist
KXCIDead of Night2019-05-07► Playlist
KXCIDead of Night2019-05-07► Playlist
KXCIDead of Night2019-05-09► Playlist
KZMUDead of Night2019-05-09► Playlist
KZUURoses Are Falling2019-05-04► Playlist
RAINY DAWGQueen of the Rodeo2019-05-09► Playlist
WCCXDead Of Night2019-05-05► Playlist
WDBMTurn to Hate2019-05-05► Playlist
WDBMTurn to Hate2019-05-09► Playlist
WERUWinds Change2019-05-06► Playlist
WFHBTurn to Hate2019-05-03► Playlist
WFHBHope to Die2019-05-03► Playlist
WFHBRoses Are Falling2019-05-06► Playlist
WNRNDead of Night2019-05-06► Playlist
WQFSDead of Night2019-05-04► Playlist
WRUVTurn to Hate2019-05-03► Playlist
WRUVDead of Night2019-05-03► Playlist
WRUVTurn to Hate2019-05-03► Playlist
WSUMTurn To Hate2019-05-05► Playlist
WSUMQueen of the Rodeo2019-05-06► Playlist
WSUMTurn to Hate2019-05-09► Playlist
WUNHRoses Are Falling2019-05-09► Playlist
WUNHTake You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call)2019-05-09► Playlist
WUNHBuffalo Run2019-05-09► Playlist
WVMOBuffalo Run2019-05-07► Playlist
WVMOBuffalo Run2019-05-07► Playlist
WZBTTurn To Hate2019-05-04► Playlist
WZBTTurn To Hate2019-05-07► Playlist
WZBTTurn To Hate2019-05-08► Playlist
WZBTKansas (Remembers Me Now)2019-05-08► Playlist