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DiskRaw Honey
Spinitron ChartMay 9 2019
Chart periodFri May 3rd thru Thu 9th 2019
Chart stats208 stations reporting 290681 spins
Rank in chart49
Spins in chart period67
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KCPRIf You Don't Know Now, You Never Will2019-05-03► Playlist
KCPRLost In My Dream2019-05-05► Playlist
KCPRFools2019-05-06► Playlist
KCPRHoney2019-05-08► Playlist
KCPRWild Motion2019-05-08► Playlist
KCPRFools2019-05-09► Playlist
KCSCLost in My Dream2019-05-03► Playlist
KDHXFools2019-05-09► Playlist
KOTOLonely2019-05-08► Playlist
KSPCHoney (feat. Weyes Blood)2019-05-08► Playlist
KTUHFools2019-05-06► Playlist
KTUHHoney2019-05-09► Playlist
KUOMFools2019-05-03► Playlist
KUOMHoney2019-05-03► Playlist
KUOMWild Motion (feat. Dougie Poole)2019-05-05► Playlist
KUOMHoney (feat. Weyes Blood)2019-05-06► Playlist
KUOMFools2019-05-06► Playlist
KUOMHoney (feat. Weyes Blood)2019-05-08► Playlist
KUOMHoney (feat. Weyes Blood)2019-05-08► Playlist
KVMRXHoney2019-05-04► Playlist
KVSCLondon Nightmare2019-05-03► Playlist
KVSCLost in My Dream2019-05-04► Playlist
KVSCHoney2019-05-08► Playlist
KWURLonely2019-05-04► Playlist
KXCIFools2019-05-07► Playlist
KXCIFools2019-05-08► Playlist
KXUAWild Motion (feat. Dougie Poole)2019-05-07► Playlist
KZSCYou've Got to Be Kidding2019-05-09► Playlist
NEWTOWNHoney2019-05-03► Playlist
NEWTOWNHoney2019-05-05► Playlist
NEWTOWNHoney2019-05-06► Playlist
NEWTOWNHoney2019-05-06► Playlist
NEWTOWNFools2019-05-08► Playlist
NEWTOWNHoney2019-05-09► Playlist
NEWTOWNHoney2019-05-09► Playlist
RADIOBOISELondon Nightmare2019-05-03► Playlist
RADIOBOISELonely (feat. Harley and the Hummingbirds)2019-05-03► Playlist
RADIOBOISEYou've Got to Be Kidding2019-05-08► Playlist
RADIOBOISELost in My Dream2019-05-08► Playlist
RFBHoney (feat. Weyes Blood)2019-05-03► Playlist
WDCELonely2019-05-03► Playlist
WDCELonely2019-05-04► Playlist
WDCELonely2019-05-05► Playlist
WDCELonely2019-05-06► Playlist
WDCELonely2019-05-07► Playlist
WDCELonely2019-05-07► Playlist
WDCELonely2019-05-08► Playlist
WDCEHoney2019-05-08► Playlist
WDCELonely2019-05-09► Playlist
WERALost In My Dream2019-05-04► Playlist
WERAHoney2019-05-04► Playlist
WERAHoney2019-05-05► Playlist
WERALost In My Dream2019-05-06► Playlist
WERALost In My Dream2019-05-06► Playlist
WERAFools2019-05-06► Playlist
WERAHoney2019-05-09► Playlist
WLURFools2019-05-07► Playlist
WMPGIf You Don't Know Now, You Never Will2019-05-05► Playlist
WPRKLost In My Dream2019-05-06► Playlist
WPRKIf You Don't Know Now, You Never Will2019-05-07► Playlist
WRUVLost in My Dream2019-05-03► Playlist
WSCAFools2019-05-07► Playlist
WZBTHoney2019-05-05► Playlist
WZBTHoney2019-05-06► Playlist
WZBTLonely2019-05-07► Playlist
WZBTFools2019-05-08► Playlist
WZBTHoney2019-05-08► Playlist