ArtistHeartless Bastards
Spinitron ChartFeb 19 2012
Chart periodMon Feb 13th thru Sun 19th 2012
Chart stats74 stations reporting 51460 spins
Rank in chart9
Spins in chart period37
04/24/2024kafmGot to Have Rock and Roll 
04/24/2024kdhxParted Ways 
04/24/2024kdhxParted Ways 
04/24/2024kdhxGot To Have Rock And Roll 
04/24/2024kdhxParted Ways 
04/24/2024kdhxOnly For You 
04/24/2024kpovSimple Feeling 
04/24/2024krfcSkin and Bone 
04/24/2024krfcSkin And Bone 
04/24/2024ksjdOnly For You 
04/24/2024ksjdOnly For You 
04/24/2024ksjdSkin And Bone 
04/24/2024kupsOnly For You 
04/24/2024kvnfonly for you 
04/24/2024kvscOnly For You 
04/24/2024kvscParted Ways 
04/24/2024kvscONLY FOR YOU 
04/24/2024kvscThe Arrow Killed The Beast 
04/24/2024kvscThe Arrow Killed the Beast 
04/24/2024kwvaGot to have rock and roll 
04/24/2024wbcrParted Ways 
04/24/2024wchcOnly For You 
04/24/2024wchcParted Ways 
04/24/2024weftThe Arrow Killed The Beast 
04/24/2024weftGot To Have Rock And Roll 
04/24/2024wfhbGot To Have Rock And Roll 
04/24/2024wfhbGot To Have Rock And Roll 
04/24/2024wfhbGot To Have Rock And Roll 
04/24/2024wmfoParted Ways 
04/24/2024wojbParted Ways 
04/24/2024wojbSkin And Bone 
04/24/2024wtipLow Low Low 
04/24/2024wumlParted Ways 
04/24/2024wumlSimple Feelings 
04/24/2024wumlSkin And Bone