ArtistLee Fields & The Expressions
DiskIt Rains Love
Spinitron ChartMay 30 2019
Chart periodFri May 24th thru Thu 30th 2019
Chart stats192 stations reporting 234479 spins
Rank in chart50
Spins in chart period63
05/23/2019birnWill I Get Off EasyPlaylist
05/24/2019birnWill I Get Off EasyPlaylist
05/24/2019birnIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/27/2019birnIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/23/2019birncoreIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/25/2019birncoreIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/26/2019birncoreIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/27/2019birncoreIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/25/2019CHLYWake UpPlaylist
05/26/2019KAFMTwo FacesPlaylist
05/26/2019KAFMYou’re What’s Needed in My LifePlaylist
05/29/2019KAFMlove prisoner/love is the answerPlaylist
05/23/2019KCPRIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/27/2019KCPRYou're What's Needed In My LifePlaylist
05/27/2019KCSBIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/23/2019KDHXLove PrisonerPlaylist
05/24/2019KDHXWake UpPlaylist
05/29/2019KDHXDon't Give Up (CD Bonus Track)Playlist
05/29/2019KDHXWake UpPlaylist
05/28/2019KDNKLove Is the AnswerPlaylist
05/28/2019KDURDon't Give UpPlaylist
05/25/2019KKCRLove PrisonerPlaylist
05/23/2019KRFFTwo FacesPlaylist
05/23/2019KRFFLove PrisonerPlaylist
05/25/2019KRFFYou're What's Needed In My LifPlaylist
05/26/2019KRFFTwo FacesPlaylist
05/27/2019KRFFLove PrisonerPlaylist
05/27/2019KRFFYou're What's Needed In My LifPlaylist
05/28/2019KRFFYou're What's Needed In My LifPlaylist
05/29/2019KRFFYou're What's Needed In My LifPlaylist
05/27/2019KSJDIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/27/2019KSSUWake UpPlaylist
05/27/2019KSSUDon't Give Up (CD Bonus Track)Playlist
05/28/2019KSSUGod Is RealPlaylist
05/28/2019KSSUYou're What's Needed In My LifePlaylist
05/28/2019KSSUBlessed With The BestPlaylist
05/28/2019KSSUYou're What's Needed In My LifePlaylist
05/29/2019KSSUTwo FacesPlaylist
05/29/2019KSSUGod Is RealPlaylist
05/29/2019KSSUYou're What's Needed In My LifePlaylist
05/29/2019KSSUA Promise Is A PromisePlaylist
05/26/2019KTUHWake UpPlaylist
05/23/2019KVSCA Promise Is a PromisePlaylist
05/24/2019KVSCA Promise Is a PromisePlaylist
05/27/2019KVSCDon't Give UpPlaylist
05/29/2019KWVATwo FacesPlaylist
05/24/2019KXCIA Promise Is a PromisePlaylist
05/29/2019KXCILove PrisonerPlaylist
05/25/2019RadioBoiseIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/29/2019WDCEWill I Get off EasyPlaylist
05/23/2019WERABlessed with the BestPlaylist
05/24/2019WERAWake UpPlaylist
05/27/2019WERAYou’re What’s Needed in My LifePlaylist
05/29/2019WERUIt Rains LovePlaylist
05/23/2019WFHBYou’re What’s Needed in My LifePlaylist
05/24/2019WFHBTwo FacesPlaylist
05/29/2019WFHBTwo FacesPlaylist
05/28/2019WFHBWake UpPlaylist
05/28/2019WFHBBlessed with the BestPlaylist
05/23/2019WMEBWill I Get off EasyPlaylist
05/24/2019WMSEWill I Get off EasyPlaylist
05/23/2019wsfmWake UpPlaylist
05/27/2019WVUDTwo FacesPlaylist