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ArtistWillie Nelson
DiskRide Me Back Home
Spinitron ChartJul 4 2019
Chart periodFri Jun 28th thru Thu Jul 4th 2019
Chart stats192 stations reporting 243577 spins
Rank in chart16
Spins in chart period109
06/27/2019KAFMRide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/29/2019KAFMJust the Way You ArePlaylist
06/29/2019KAFMMy Favorite Picture of YouPlaylist
06/29/2019KAFMSeven Year ItchPlaylist
06/29/2019KAFMIt's Hard to Be Humble (with Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real & Micah Nelson)Playlist
06/30/2019KAFMIt's Hard to Be Humble (with Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real & Micah Nelson)Playlist
06/30/2019KAFMStay Away from Lonely PlacesPlaylist
07/01/2019KAFMImmigrant EyesPlaylist
07/01/2019KAFMJust the Way You ArePlaylist
07/01/2019KAFMMy Favorite Picture of YouPlaylist
07/02/2019KAFMIt's Hard to Be Humble (with Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real & Micah Nelson)Playlist
07/03/2019KAFMSeven Year ItchPlaylist
07/03/2019KAFMCome on TimePlaylist
07/03/2019KBGARide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/29/2019KBMFImmigrant EyesPlaylist
06/29/2019KBMFJust the Way You ArePlaylist
06/28/2019KBOOOne More Song to WritePlaylist
06/28/2019KDHXIt's Hard to Be Humble (with Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real & Micah Nelson)Playlist
07/02/2019KDHXSeven Year ItchPlaylist
06/26/2019KDNKCome on TimePlaylist
06/28/2019KDNKRide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/28/2019KDNKCome on TimePlaylist
06/28/2019KDNKMy Favorite Picture of YouPlaylist
06/28/2019KDNKSeven Year ItchPlaylist
06/28/2019KDNKImmigrant EyesPlaylist
06/28/2019KDNKStay Away from Lonely PlacesPlaylist
06/28/2019KDNKJust The Way You ArePlaylist
06/28/2019KDNKOne More Song to WritePlaylist
06/28/2019KDNKNobody's ListeningPlaylist
06/28/2019KDNKIt's Hard to be Humble (w. Lukas & Micah Nelson)Playlist
06/28/2019KDNKMaybe I Should've Been ListeningPlaylist
07/03/2019KDNKIt's Hard to Be Humble (with Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real & Micah Nelson)Playlist
06/30/2019KDURImmigrant EyesPlaylist
06/30/2019KFCFImmigrant EyesPlaylist
07/02/2019KFCFRide Me Back HomePlaylist
07/01/2019KHNSOne More Song to WritePlaylist
06/29/2019KKCRRide Me Back HomePlaylist
07/01/2019KKFIImmigrant EyesPlaylist
07/02/2019KKFIImmigrant EyesPlaylist
07/03/2019KMUNSeven Year ItchPlaylist
06/28/2019KMUZRide Me Back HomePlaylist
07/03/2019KPOVCome On TimePlaylist
07/03/2019KPTZImmigrant EyesPlaylist
06/29/2019KRFCImmigrant EyesPlaylist
07/01/2019KRFCCome On TimePlaylist
07/02/2019KRFCCome On TimePlaylist
07/02/2019KRFCOne More Song to WritePlaylist
07/02/2019KRFCCome on TimePlaylist
07/03/2019KRFCImmigrant EyesPlaylist
07/03/2019KRVMImmigrant EyesPlaylist
06/28/2019KSYMStay Away from Lonely PlacesPlaylist
06/29/2019KSYMJust the Way You ArePlaylist
07/01/2019KSYMImmigrant EyesPlaylist
06/28/2019KVMRImmigrant EyesPlaylist
06/28/2019KVMROne More Song to WritePlaylist
06/28/2019KVMRSeven Year ItchPlaylist
07/01/2019KVMRRide Me Back HomePlaylist
07/01/2019KVMRCome On TimePlaylist
07/01/2019KVMROne More Song to WritePlaylist
07/02/2019KVMRSeven Year ItchPlaylist
06/29/2019KVNFIt's Hard to Be HumblePlaylist
06/29/2019KVNFSeven Year ItchPlaylist
06/27/2019KXCIMy Favorite Picture of YouPlaylist
06/27/2019KXCIRide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/29/2019KXCIJust the Way You ArePlaylist
06/30/2019KZFRSeven Year ItchPlaylist
07/03/2019KZMUIt's Hard to Be Humble (with Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real & Micah Nelson)Playlist
06/27/2019KZUMMy Favorite Picture of YouPlaylist
07/03/2019KZUMCome on TimePlaylist
07/03/2019KZUMImmigrant EyesPlaylist
06/30/2019KZYXRide Me Back HomePlaylist
07/01/2019RadioBoiseStay Away from Lonely PlacesPlaylist
06/27/2019WCUWRide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/27/2019WCUWCome On TimePlaylist
06/28/2019WERUImmigrant EyesPlaylist
06/29/2019WERURide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/29/2019WERUSeven year itchPlaylist
07/01/2019WERUStay Away from Lonely PlacesPlaylist
06/27/2019WESURide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/27/2019WFHBSeven Year ItchPlaylist
06/27/2019WFHBMy Favorite Picture of YouPlaylist
06/29/2019WFHBMy Favorite Picture of YouPlaylist
06/30/2019WFHBCome On TimePlaylist
07/01/2019WFHBCome On TimePlaylist
07/02/2019WFHBImmigrant EyesPlaylist
07/03/2019WFHBImmigrant EyesPlaylist
06/27/2019WFVRImmigrant EyesPlaylist
06/29/2019WMFOMy Favorite Picture of YouPlaylist
06/28/2019WMSEMy Favorite Picture of YouPlaylist
06/29/2019WMSECome on TimePlaylist
06/27/2019WNMCMy Favorite Picture Of YouPlaylist
06/27/2019WNMCNobody's ListeningPlaylist
06/27/2019WNRNRide Me Back HomePlaylist
07/02/2019WNRNRide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/28/2019WOMRMy Favorite Picture of YouPlaylist
06/28/2019WOMRSeven Year ItchPlaylist
07/02/2019WOMRIt's Hard to Be HumblePlaylist
07/02/2019WOMRSeven Year ItchPlaylist
06/30/2019WOWDRide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/29/2019WPKNCome On TimePlaylist
06/29/2019WSCARide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/28/2019WTBURide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/26/2019WVMORide Me Back HomePlaylist
07/01/2019WVMORide Me Back HomePlaylist
07/03/2019WVMORide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/29/2019WVUDIt's Hard to Be Humble (with Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real & Micah Nelson)Playlist
06/28/2019WVUDImmigrant EyesPlaylist
06/27/2019WXPRRide Me Back HomePlaylist
06/27/2019WXPRRide Me Back HomePlaylist