ArtistDarrell Scott
DiskLong Ride Home
Spinitron ChartFeb 19 2012
Chart periodMon Feb 13th thru Sun 19th 2012
Chart stats74 stations reporting 51460 spins
Rank in chart21
Spins in chart period25
04/22/2024kafmNo Use Living For Today 
04/22/2024kafmNo Use Living For Today 
04/22/2024kdhxEvery Road Leads Back to You 
04/22/2024kdhxStill Got a Ways To Go 
04/22/2024krfcNo Use Living for Today 
04/22/2024krfcYou'll be with me All the Way 
04/22/2024krfcOut in the parking Lot 
04/22/2024krfcNo Use Living for Today 
04/22/2024kvnfPay Lake 
04/22/2024kwmrdance inthe darkness 
04/22/2024kwmrpay lake 
04/22/2024kwmrEvery Road Leads Back To You 
04/22/2024kwmrOut In The Parking Lot 
04/22/2024kzscCandle For A Cowboy 
04/22/2024kzyxIt Must Be Sunday 
04/22/2024wcuwOut In the Parking Lot 
04/22/2024wesuIt Must Be Sunday 
04/22/2024wesuYou're Everything I Wanted Love to Be 
04/22/2024wesuTrying Not to Love You 
04/22/2024wesuToo Close for Comfort 
04/22/2024wfhbPay Lake 
04/22/2024wmmtIt must be Sunday 
04/22/2024wzbcToo Close To Comfort Again