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ArtistDelbert McClinton
DiskTall, Dark, and Handsome
GenreContemporary Blues
Spinitron ChartSep 5 2019
Chart periodFri Aug 30th thru Thu Sep 5th 2019
Chart stats204 stations reporting 257847 spins
Rank in chart38
Spins in chart period77
09/03/2019KAFMGone to MexicoPlaylist
09/04/2019KAFMGone to MexicoPlaylist
08/30/2019KCAWMr. SmithPlaylist
08/30/2019KCAWNo Chicken on the BonePlaylist
09/02/2019KDHXIf I Hock My GuitarPlaylist
09/03/2019KDHXA Fool like MePlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKMr. SmithPlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKIf I Hock My GuitarPlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKNo Chicken on the BonePlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKLet's Get Down Like We Used ToPlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKGone to MexicoPlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKLoud MouthPlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKDown in the MouthPlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKRuby & JulesPlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKAny Other WayPlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKA Fool Like MePlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKCan't Get UpPlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKTemporarily InsanePlaylist
08/30/2019KDNKA PoemPlaylist
09/04/2019KDNKLet's Get Down Like We Used ToPlaylist
09/03/2019KDURCan't Get UpPlaylist
09/03/2019KDURDown In the MouthPlaylist
08/29/2019KFAIMr. SmithPlaylist
08/30/2019KKFILet's Get Down like We Used ToPlaylist
09/01/2019KKUPMr. SmithPlaylist
09/03/2019KKUPMr. SmithPlaylist
09/03/2019KKUPNo Chicken on the BonePlaylist
09/03/2019KKUPLet's Get Down Like We Used ToPlaylist
09/03/2019KKUPGone to MexicoPlaylist
09/03/2019KKUPA Fool Like MePlaylist
08/29/2019KOTOGone to MexicoPlaylist
08/29/2019KOTONo Chicken on the BonePlaylist
08/29/2019KOTORuby & JulesPlaylist
08/30/2019KOTOLet's Get Down Like We Used ToPlaylist
08/30/2019KOTOTemporarily InsanePlaylist
09/02/2019KOTODown in the MouthPlaylist
09/03/2019KOTOA Fool Like MePlaylist
09/04/2019KOTORuby & JulesPlaylist
09/02/2019KPOOIf I Hock My GuitarPlaylist
08/29/2019KRFCLoud MouthPlaylist
08/29/2019KRFCLoud MouthPlaylist
08/31/2019KRFCA Fool Like MePlaylist
09/01/2019KRFCA Fool Like MePlaylist
08/31/2019KRVMMr. SmithPlaylist
08/31/2019KRVMDown in the MouthPlaylist
09/02/2019KRZAIf I Hock My GuitarPlaylist
08/31/2019KSYMNo Chicken on the BonePlaylist
08/31/2019KSYMA Fool Like MePlaylist
09/03/2019KSYMMr. SmithPlaylist
09/02/2019KVMRAny Other WayPlaylist
09/02/2019KVMRNo Chicken on the BonePlaylist
09/02/2019KVMRA Fool Like MePlaylist
08/29/2019KVSCLet's Get Down Like We Used ToPlaylist
08/29/2019KVSCCan't Get UpPlaylist
08/29/2019KVSCA Fool like MePlaylist
08/29/2019KWMRIf I Hock My GuitarPlaylist
08/30/2019KZFRA Fool Like MePlaylist
09/02/2019WCOMIf I Hock My GuitarPlaylist
08/29/2019WCUWMr. SmithPlaylist
08/30/2019WDRTA Fool like MePlaylist
09/04/2019WERURuby & JulesPlaylist
08/29/2019WFHBIf I Hock My GuitarPlaylist
09/01/2019WFHBRuby & JulesPlaylist
09/03/2019WFHBLet's Get Down Like We Used ToPlaylist
09/04/2019WFHBLet's Get Down Like We Used ToPlaylist
08/29/2019WMMTIf I Hock My GuitarPlaylist
08/30/2019WMSEA Fool like MePlaylist
09/04/2019WMSELet's Get Down like We Used ToPlaylist
09/04/2019WMSEIf I Hock My GuitarPlaylist
09/02/2019WNRNIf I Hock My GuitarPlaylist
09/01/2019WORTNo Chicken on The BonePlaylist
09/04/2019WOWDCan't Get UpPlaylist