ArtistThe Cars
DiskThe Cars
Spinitron ChartSep 19 2019
Chart periodFri Sep 13th thru Thu 19th 2019
Chart stats211 stations reporting 272291 spins
Rank in chart4
Spins in chart period192
09/17/2019KBGAAll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/17/2019KBGADon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/18/2019KBMFAll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/18/2019KBUTMoving in StereoPlaylist
09/18/2019KBUTYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/17/2019KDHXMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/18/2019KDHXMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/18/2019KDHXBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/18/2019KDHXJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/16/2019KFAIMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/17/2019KFAIBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/17/2019KFGMJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/17/2019KFGMGood Times RollPlaylist
09/17/2019KFOKAll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/17/2019KGVMBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/17/2019KGVMDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/18/2019KHNSYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/17/2019KMNOGood Times RollPlaylist
09/17/2019KOPNJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/18/2019KPOVMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/18/2019KPOVYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/18/2019KPOVGood Times RollPlaylist
09/18/2019KPOVMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/17/2019KPTZJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/17/2019KPTZGood Times RollPlaylist
09/16/2019KRFCMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/12/2019KRFFI'm in Touch With Your WorldPlaylist
09/17/2019KRVMMy Best Friends GirlPlaylist
09/17/2019KSCUDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/12/2019KSQDDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/17/2019KTSWBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/17/2019KVMRxDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/17/2019KVMRxI'm In Touch With Your WorldPlaylist
09/17/2019KVRFYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/17/2019KWMRMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/17/2019KWMRI'm In Touch With Your WorldPlaylist
09/17/2019KWMRYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019KWVAMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/16/2019KXCIMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/16/2019KXCIGood Times RollPlaylist
09/16/2019KXCIMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/16/2019KXCIMoving in Stereo/All Mixed UpPlaylist
09/16/2019KXCIMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/16/2019KXCIMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/16/2019KXCIMoving In Stereo/ASll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/17/2019KXCIGood Times RollPlaylist
09/17/2019KXCII'm in Touch With Your WorldPlaylist
09/18/2019KXCIMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/17/2019KXSCMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/18/2019KXSCJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/18/2019KXSCMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/17/2019KXSFMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/17/2019KXSFGood Times RollPlaylist
09/17/2019KXSFDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/15/2019KZFRAll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/16/2019KZFRAll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/17/2019KZFRDon't Cha Stop (Demo Version)Playlist
09/17/2019KZFRMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/17/2019KZFRYou're All I've Got Tonight (Demo Version)Playlist
09/17/2019KZFRGood Times RollPlaylist
09/18/2019KZMUMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/15/2019KZRJDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/18/2019KZUMMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/17/2019KZUMDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/18/2019KZUMYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/18/2019KZUMMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/17/2019WBFYJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/16/2019WDCEBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/18/2019WDCEI'm In Touch With Your WorldPlaylist
09/18/2019WDCEMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/14/2019WEFTGood Times RollPlaylist
09/17/2019WEFTYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/17/2019WERUJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/16/2019WESUGood Times RollPlaylist
09/16/2019WESUMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/16/2019WESUJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/16/2019WESUI'm In Touch With Your WorldPlaylist
09/16/2019WESUDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/16/2019WESUYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019WESUBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/16/2019WESUMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/16/2019WESUAll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/18/2019WFHBAll Mixed Up (Demo Version)Playlist
09/17/2019WFVRJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/18/2019WHUSGood Times RollPlaylist
09/17/2019WLTLGood Times RollPlaylist
09/16/2019WMFOJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/16/2019WMFOGood Times RollPlaylist
09/16/2019WMFOBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/16/2019WMFOMoving in StereoPlaylist
09/18/2019WMFOI'm in Touch With Your WorldPlaylist
09/18/2019WMFOGood Times Roll (Live 1978)Playlist
09/18/2019WMFOBye Bye Love (Demo Version)Playlist
09/18/2019WMFOMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/18/2019WMFOAll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/18/2019WMFOJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/18/2019WMFOYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019WMMTYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/17/2019WMRWYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019WMSEGood Times RollPlaylist
09/16/2019WMSEMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/16/2019WMSEJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/16/2019WMSEI'm in Touch With Your WorldPlaylist
09/16/2019WMSEDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/16/2019WMSEYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019WMSEBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/16/2019WMSEMoving in StereoPlaylist
09/16/2019WMSEAll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/17/2019WMUAJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/19/2019WMUAYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019WNRNYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019WOJBYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019WOMRJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/16/2019WOMRYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019WOMRBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/13/2019WORTHotel Queenie (Demo)Playlist
09/18/2019WORTJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/16/2019WOWDGood Times RollPlaylist
09/16/2019WOWDJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/16/2019WOWDMoving in StereoPlaylist
09/18/2019WPRKGood Times RollPlaylist
09/18/2019WPRKBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/18/2019WPRKMoving in StereoPlaylist
09/16/2019WQFSMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/18/2019WRBBJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/14/2019WRIRBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/17/2019WRIRJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/17/2019WRIRBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/18/2019WRIRJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/18/2019WRIRMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/16/2019WRUWDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/16/2019WRUWGood Times RollPlaylist
09/16/2019WRUWMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/16/2019WRUWSince You're GonePlaylist
09/16/2019WRUWMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/16/2019WRUWYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019WRUWJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/17/2019WRUWBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/17/2019WRUWMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/17/2019WRUWMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/17/2019WRUWMoving in StereoPlaylist
09/17/2019WRUWDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/17/2019WRUWYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/17/2019WSCAMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/18/2019WSCAGood Times RollPlaylist
09/16/2019wsfmMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/16/2019wsfmAll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/17/2019wsfmMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/17/2019wsfmYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/17/2019wsfmMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/18/2019wsfmYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/18/2019wsfmBye Bye Love (Demo Version)Playlist
09/18/2019wsfmMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/17/2019WTIPYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019WUNHBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/17/2019WUNHMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/17/2019WUNHAll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/18/2019WUNHMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/14/2019WVEWYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/18/2019WVEWJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/17/2019WVUDJust What I Needed (Demo Version)Playlist
09/17/2019WVUDDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/18/2019WVUDBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/18/2019WVUDMoving in StereoPlaylist
09/18/2019WVUDMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/16/2019WVYCJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/18/2019WVYCJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/18/2019WWOZYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/18/2019WWOZBye Bye LovePlaylist
09/18/2019WWOZAll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/13/2019WXNAYou Just Can't Push Me (Demo Version)Playlist
09/16/2019WXNAGood Times RollPlaylist
09/17/2019WXNAGood Times RollPlaylist
09/18/2019WXNADon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/17/2019WXNABye Bye LovePlaylist
09/16/2019WXOXJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/16/2019WXOXGood Times RollPlaylist
09/16/2019WXOXAll Mixed UpPlaylist
09/16/2019WXOXMoving In StereoPlaylist
09/18/2019WXOXYou're All I've Got Tonight (Demo Version)Playlist
09/17/2019WXPRYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019WZBCGood Times RollPlaylist
09/16/2019WZBCMy Best Friend's Girl (Demo Version)Playlist
09/16/2019WZBCHotel Queenie (Demo Version)Playlist
09/16/2019WZBCBye Bye Love (Demo Version)Playlist
09/16/2019WZBTGood Times RollPlaylist
09/16/2019WZBTMy Best Friend's GirlPlaylist
09/16/2019WZBTJust What I NeededPlaylist
09/16/2019WZBTI'm In Touch With Your WorldPlaylist
09/16/2019WZBTDon't Cha StopPlaylist
09/16/2019WZBTYou're All I've Got TonightPlaylist
09/16/2019WZBTBye Bye LovePlaylist