ArtistLana Del Rey
DiskBorn to Die
Spinitron ChartMar 4 2012
Chart periodMon Feb 27th thru Sun Mar 4th 2012
Chart stats79 stations reporting 50409 spins
Rank in chart14
Spins in chart period33
05/25/2024kafmThis Is What Makes Us Girls 
05/25/2024kbgaMillion Dollar Man 
05/25/2024kbgaMillion Dollar Man 
05/25/2024kbgaBorn To Die 
05/25/2024kbgaOff to the Races 
05/25/2024kbgaDiet Mountain Dew 
05/25/2024kbgaNational Anthem 
05/25/2024kdhxOff To The Races 
05/25/2024krfcBLUE JEANS 
05/25/2024ktrmVideo Games 
05/25/2024ktrmBorn To Die 
05/25/2024ktrmDiet Mountain Dew 
05/25/2024ktrmBorn to Die 
05/25/2024kupsVideo Games 
05/25/2024kupsVideo Games 
05/25/2024kupsVideo Games 
05/25/2024kvnfDiet Mountain Dew 
05/25/2024kvnfBorn To Die 
05/25/2024kvnfBLUE JEANS 
05/25/2024kwmrMillion Dollar Man 
05/25/2024radioboiseOff To The Races 
05/25/2024radiophoenixBorn To Die 
05/25/2024wbcrBorn To Die 
05/25/2024wbrsBorn To Die 
05/25/2024weruDiet Mountain Dew 
05/25/2024wesuDiet Mountain Dew 
05/25/2024whclKinda Outta Luck 
05/25/2024whclBorn To Die 
05/25/2024wortDark Paradise 
05/25/2024wtbuBorn To Die