ArtistLyle Lovett
DiskRelease Me
Spinitron ChartMar 4 2012
Chart periodMon Feb 27th thru Sun Mar 4th 2012
Chart stats79 stations reporting 50409 spins
Rank in chart17
Spins in chart period31
05/25/2024kafmUnderstand You 
05/25/2024kafmWhite Boy Lost In the Blues 
05/25/2024kafmWhite Freightliner Blues 
05/25/2024kdhxBrown Eyed Handsome Man 
05/25/2024kdhxIsn't That So 
05/25/2024krfcRelease Me 
05/25/2024krfcBrown Eyed Handsome Man 
05/25/2024krfcBrown Eyed Handsome Man 
05/25/2024kvmrRelease Me 
05/25/2024kvmrGarfield's Blackberry Blossoom 
05/25/2024kvmrWhite Freightliner Blues 
05/25/2024kvnfRelease Me 
05/25/2024kvnfWhite Boy Lost In the Blues 
05/25/2024kvnfBrown Eyed Handsome Man 
05/25/2024kvnfWhite Boy Lost In the Blues 
05/25/2024kvnfWhite Freightliner Blues 
05/25/2024kvnfOne Way Gal 
05/25/2024kvnfWhite Freightliner Blues 
05/25/2024kzyxBrown Eyed Handsome Man 
05/25/2024wcuwRelease Me (feat. k.d. lang) 
05/25/2024weruOne Way Gal 
05/25/2024weruKeep it Clean 
05/25/2024weruGarfield's Blackberry Blossom 
05/25/2024wfhbWhite Freightliner Blues 
05/25/2024wfhbThe Girl With the Holiday Smile 
05/25/2024wfhbPlease Release Me 
05/25/2024wfhbRelease Me 
05/25/2024wfhbThe Girl With The Holiday Smile 
05/25/2024wfhbgarfield's blackberry blossom 
05/25/2024wfhbGarfield's Blackberry Blossom 
05/25/2024wfhbKeep It Clean