ArtistRuthie Foster
DiskLet It Burn
Spinitron ChartMar 4 2012
Chart periodMon Feb 27th thru Sun Mar 4th 2012
Chart stats79 stations reporting 50409 spins
Rank in chart20
Spins in chart period30
05/25/2024kafmSet Fire To The Rain 
05/25/2024kafmIf I Had A Hammer 
05/25/2024kafmAim For The Heart 
05/25/2024kafm10 LONG TIME GONE 
05/25/2024kaosDon't Want To Know 
05/25/2024kdhxWelcome Home 
05/25/2024kdhxWelcome Home 
05/25/2024krfcLONG TIME GONE 
05/25/2024krfcYou Don't Miss Your Water 
05/25/2024krfcAim for the Heart 
05/25/2024kvmrAim For The Heart 
05/25/2024kvmrRing Of Fire 
05/25/2024kvnfThe Titanic 
05/25/2024kvnfAim For The Heart 
05/25/2024weftAim For The Heart 
05/25/2024weruIf I Had A Hammer 
05/25/2024weruWELCOME HOME 
05/25/2024weruEverlasting Light 
05/25/2024wfhbYou Don`t Miss Your Water 
05/25/2024wfhbIt Makes No Difference 
05/25/2024wfhbDon't Miss Your Water 
05/25/2024wfhbAim For The Heart 
05/25/2024wfhbWelcome Home 
05/25/2024wfhbYou Don't Miss Your Water 
05/25/2024wfhbThe Titanic 
05/25/2024wfhbIf I Had A Hammer 
05/25/2024wnmcLONG TIME COMING 
05/25/2024wnmcDon't Want to Know 
05/25/2024wnmcRing of Fire 
05/25/2024wtipAim For The Heart