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ArtistThis Is the Kit
DiskOff Off On
Spinitron ChartNov 12 2020
Chart periodFri Nov 6th thru Thu 12th 2020
Chart stats228 stations reporting 325815 spins
Rank in chart36
Spins in chart period76
11/08/2020CHLYKeep GoingPlaylist
11/10/2020KCPRComing to Get You NowherePlaylist
11/05/2020KMNOCarry Us PleasePlaylist
11/11/2020KPOVNo Such ThingPlaylist
11/11/2020KPOVOff Off OnPlaylist
11/11/2020KPOVThis Is What You DidPlaylist
11/11/2020KPOVComing to Get You NowherePlaylist
11/06/2020KRCLThis Is What You DidPlaylist
11/10/2020KRCLComing to Get You NowherePlaylist
11/10/2020KRFCNo Such ThingPlaylist
11/10/2020KRFCOff Off OnPlaylist
11/10/2020KRFCThis Is What You DidPlaylist
11/10/2020KRFCComing to Get You NowherePlaylist
11/05/2020KRUIWas MagicianPlaylist
11/06/2020KRUIComing to get you NowherePlaylist
11/06/2020KRUIThis is What You DidPlaylist
11/06/2020KRUIOff Off OnPlaylist
11/07/2020KRUIOff Off OnPlaylist
11/08/2020KRUIWas MagicianPlaylist
11/08/2020KRUIThis is What You DidPlaylist
11/09/2020KRUIOff Off OnPlaylist
11/09/2020KRUIComing to get you NowherePlaylist
11/10/2020KRUIFound OutPlaylist
11/10/2020KRUIWas MagicianPlaylist
11/10/2020KRUIThis is What You DidPlaylist
11/10/2020KRUIOff Off OnPlaylist
11/10/2020KRUIComing to get you NowherePlaylist
11/10/2020KRUIFound OutPlaylist
11/11/2020KRUIOff Off OnPlaylist
11/11/2020KRUIOff Off OnPlaylist
11/11/2020KRUIThis is What You DidPlaylist
11/06/2020KRVMThis Is What You DidPlaylist
11/11/2020KRVMThis Is What You DidPlaylist
11/06/2020KSPCComing to Get You NowherePlaylist
11/05/2020KVMRxKeep GoingPlaylist
11/07/2020KVMRxKeep GoingPlaylist
11/07/2020KVMRxKeep GoingPlaylist
11/08/2020KVMRxKeep GoingPlaylist
11/10/2020KVMRxFound OutPlaylist
11/06/2020KVSCThis is What You DidPlaylist
11/07/2020KXCIComing to Get You NowherePlaylist
11/05/2020WDCEThis is What You DidPlaylist
11/05/2020WDCEWas MagicianPlaylist
11/05/2020WDCEFound OutPlaylist
11/06/2020WDCEComing to get you NowherePlaylist
11/06/2020WDCEThis is What You DidPlaylist
11/06/2020WDCEWas MagicianPlaylist
11/07/2020WDCEFound OutPlaylist
11/07/2020WDCEComing to get you NowherePlaylist
11/08/2020WDCEThis is What You DidPlaylist
11/08/2020WDCEWas MagicianPlaylist
11/08/2020WDCEKeep GoingPlaylist
11/09/2020WDCEFound OutPlaylist
11/09/2020WDCEComing to get you NowherePlaylist
11/10/2020WDCEThis is What You DidPlaylist
11/10/2020WDCEWas MagicianPlaylist
11/10/2020WDCEFound OutPlaylist
11/11/2020WDCEComing to get you NowherePlaylist
11/11/2020WDCEThis is What You DidPlaylist
11/11/2020WDCEWas MagicianPlaylist
11/07/2020WERUNo Such ThingPlaylist
11/07/2020WERUNo Such ThingPlaylist
11/11/2020WLURComing to Get You NowherePlaylist
11/06/2020WMPGNo Such ThingPlaylist
11/06/2020WOMRKeep GoingPlaylist
11/11/2020WPKNNo Such ThingPlaylist
11/10/2020WRIRKeep GoingPlaylist
11/07/2020WRUWNo Such ThingPlaylist
11/05/2020WVEWComing to Get You NowherePlaylist
11/05/2020WVEWNo Such ThingPlaylist
11/10/2020WVEWComing to Get You NowherePlaylist
11/10/2020WVEWNo Such ThingPlaylist