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ArtistSons of Kemet
DiskBlack To The Future
Spinitron ChartJun 3 2021
Chart periodFri May 28th thru Thu Jun 3rd 2021
Chart stats235 stations reporting 320964 spins
Rank in chart28
Spins in chart period85
05/27/2021KBEMThroughout The Madness, Stay StrongPlaylist
05/31/2021KBEMThink Of HomePlaylist
06/01/2021KCPBIn Remembrance Of Those FallenPlaylist
06/01/2021KCPBFor The CulturePlaylist
06/01/2021KCPBEnvision Yourself LevitatingPlaylist
06/01/2021KCPBLet The Circle Be UnbrokenPlaylist
06/01/2021KCPBTo Never Forget The SourcePlaylist
05/27/2021KDNKLet The Circle Be UnbrokenPlaylist
06/02/2021KDURlet the circle be unbrokenPlaylist
06/01/2021KEBFThink Of HomePlaylist
05/28/2021KFAIFor The Culture (feat. D Double E)Playlist
05/29/2021KFAIThink Of HomePlaylist
05/29/2021KFAITo Never Forget The SourcePlaylist
06/01/2021KHNSEnvision Yourself LevitatingPlaylist
05/31/2021KOPNThink Of HomePlaylist
05/31/2021KOPNIn Remembrance Of Those FallenPlaylist
05/31/2021KOPNFor The CulturePlaylist
05/31/2021KOPNEnvision Yourself LevitatingPlaylist
05/31/2021KOPNLet The Circle Be UnbrokenPlaylist
05/31/2021KOPNTo Never Forget The SourcePlaylist
05/30/2021KPCAPick Up Your Burning CrossPlaylist
05/31/2021KRTSThink Of HomePlaylist
05/31/2021KRTSIn Remembrance Of Those FallenPlaylist
05/31/2021KRTSFor The CulturePlaylist
05/31/2021KRTSEnvision Yourself LevitatingPlaylist
05/31/2021KRTSLet The Circle Be UnbrokenPlaylist
05/27/2021KRUITo Never Forget The SourcePlaylist
05/29/2021KRUIPick Up Your Burning Cross (feat. Moor Mother)Playlist
05/29/2021KRUIIn Remembrance Of Those FallenPlaylist
05/29/2021KRUIPick Up Your Burning Cross (feat. Moor Mother)Playlist
05/29/2021KRUITo Never Forget The SourcePlaylist
05/30/2021KRUIIn Remembrance Of Those FallenPlaylist
05/31/2021KRUIIn Remembrance Of Those FallenPlaylist
05/31/2021KRUITo Never Forget The SourcePlaylist
05/31/2021KRUIThink Of HomePlaylist
05/31/2021KRUIPick Up Your Burning Cross (feat. Moor Mother)Playlist
06/01/2021KRUIFor The Culture (feat. D Double E)Playlist
06/01/2021KRUIThink Of HomePlaylist
06/01/2021KRUIIn Remembrance Of Those FallenPlaylist
06/01/2021KRUITo Never Forget The SourcePlaylist
06/02/2021KRUIFor The Culture (feat. D Double E)Playlist
06/02/2021KRUIThink Of HomePlaylist
06/01/2021KUCRThroughout The Madness, Stay StrongPlaylist
05/30/2021KVNFTo Never Forget The SourcePlaylist
05/30/2021KVNFThroughout The Madness, Stay StrongPlaylist
05/30/2021KVNFThink Of HomePlaylist
05/30/2021KXCIPick Up Your Burning Cross (feat. Moor Mother & Angel Bat Dawid)Playlist
05/27/2021KXSFThroughout The Madness, Stay StrongPlaylist
06/01/2021KXSFEnvision Yourself LevitatingPlaylist
05/30/2021KZFRField NegusPlaylist
05/28/2021RadioBoiseThroughout The Madness, Stay StrongPlaylist
05/28/2021RadioBoiseEnvision Yourself LevitatingPlaylist
05/29/2021radiophoenixThink Of HomePlaylist
05/31/2021radiophoenixEnvision Yourself LevitatingPlaylist
05/30/2021WDNAThink Of HomePlaylist
06/02/2021WDRTIn Remembrance Of Those FallenPlaylist
05/30/2021WESUEnvision Yourself LevitatingPlaylist
05/31/2021WGDREnvision Yourself LevitatingPlaylist
05/31/2021WGDREnvision Yourself LevitatingPlaylist
05/27/2021WMSCHustle (feat. Kojey Radical)Playlist
05/28/2021WNMCTo Never Forget the SourcePlaylist
05/31/2021WOMMPick Up Your Burning CrossPlaylist
05/27/2021WOMRField NegusPlaylist
05/27/2021WOMRLet The Circle Be UnbrokenPlaylist
05/27/2021WOMRTo Never Forget The SourcePlaylist
05/27/2021WOMRPick Up Your Burning CrossPlaylist
05/28/2021WOWDTo Never Forget The SourcePlaylist
05/28/2021WOWDHustle (feat. Kojey Radical)Playlist
06/01/2021WPKNLet The Circle Be UnbrokenPlaylist
05/28/2021WPRBPick Up Your Burning Cross (feat. Moor Mother & Angel Bat Dawid)Playlist
05/30/2021WPRBLet The Circle Be UnbrokenPlaylist
05/30/2021WRIRPick Up Your Burning Cross ft. Moor Mother, Angel Bat DawidPlaylist
05/29/2021WRUWIn Remembrance Of Those FallenPlaylist
05/29/2021WXNAPick Up Your Burning Cross (feat. Moor Mother & Angel Bat Dawid)Playlist
06/01/2021WXNATo Never Forget The SourcePlaylist
05/31/2021WYXRLet The Circle Be UnbrokenPlaylist
05/28/2021WZBCIn Remembrance Of Those FallenPlaylist
06/02/2021WZBCThroughout The Madness, Stay StrongPlaylist