DiskEdge Of The Sun
Spinitron ChartMay 24 2015
Chart periodMon May 18th thru Sun 24th 2015
Chart stats110 stations reporting 67957 spins
Rank in chart13
Spins in chart period54
05/20/2015kafmFollow the RiverPlaylist
05/18/2015kdhxTapping on the LinePlaylist
05/18/2015kdhxBeneath The City Of DreamsPlaylist
05/20/2015kdhxBeneath The City Of DreamsPlaylist
05/20/2015kdhxCumbia de DondePlaylist
05/22/2015kdhxFalling from the SkyPlaylist
05/24/2015kdhxCumbia de DondePlaylist
05/18/2015kdurTapping on the LinePlaylist
05/19/2015kpovBullets & RocksPlaylist
05/18/2015krfcFalling from the SkyPlaylist
05/18/2015krfcFalling from the SkyPlaylist
05/20/2015krfcFalling from the SkyPlaylist
05/21/2015krfcCumbia de DondePlaylist
05/23/2015krfcWhen the Angels PlayedPlaylist
05/18/2015krfcWhen the Angels PlayedPlaylist
05/20/2015krfcBeneath the City of DreamsPlaylist
05/23/2015krfcFollow the RiverPlaylist
05/19/2015krvmFalling from the SkyPlaylist
05/22/2015krvmFalling from the SkyPlaylist
05/18/2015ksjdWhen the Angels PlayedPlaylist
05/21/2015kspcTapping on the LinePlaylist
05/19/2015ksymBULLETS & ROCKSPlaylist
05/19/2015kvmrMoon Never RisesPlaylist
05/18/2015kwmrMoon Never RisesPlaylist
05/18/2015kxciCumbia de DondePlaylist
05/18/2015kxciMiles from the SeaPlaylist
05/18/2015kxciMoon Never Rises (Featuring Carla Morrison)Playlist
05/18/2015kxciBeneath the City of DreamsPlaylist
05/19/2015kxciFalling from the SkyPlaylist
05/19/2015kxciCumbia de DondePlaylist
05/21/2015kxciTapping on the LinePlaylist
05/21/2015kxciFollow the River (Feat Nick Urata of Devotchka)Playlist
05/22/2015kxciBullets & RocksPlaylist
05/23/2015kxciTapping On the LinePlaylist
05/18/2015radioboiseBeneath the City of DreamsPlaylist
05/19/2015radioboiseFalling from the SkyPlaylist
05/19/2015radioboiseMoon Never RisesPlaylist
05/20/2015radioboiseMiles from the SeaPlaylist
05/18/2015weruBullets & RocksPlaylist
05/20/2015weruWhen the Angels PlayedPlaylist
05/21/2015weruFalling from the SkyPlaylist
05/22/2015weruBeneath the City of DreamsPlaylist
05/18/2015wfhbFollow the RiverPlaylist
05/19/2015wfhbWhen The Angels PlayedPlaylist
05/20/2015wfhbTapping on the LinePlaylist
05/22/2015wfhbCumbia de DondePlaylist
05/20/2015wfvrTapping on the LinePlaylist
05/19/2015wnmcWoodshed WaltzPlaylist
05/20/2015wnmcFalling from the SkyPlaylist
05/24/2015wnmcBullets & RocksPlaylist
05/19/2015wortCumbia de DondePlaylist
05/22/2015wsumBeneath the City of DreamsPlaylist