ArtistSufjan Stevens
DiskCarrie & Lowell
Spinitron ChartMay 24 2015
Chart periodMon May 18th thru Sun 24th 2015
Chart stats110 stations reporting 67957 spins
Rank in chart16
Spins in chart period52
05/21/2015ciluShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/21/2015ciluShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/23/2015kafmShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/24/2015kaosDrawn To The BloodPlaylist
05/21/2015kbvrDrawn to the BloodPlaylist
05/18/2015kcprDeath with DignityPlaylist
05/22/2015kholAll of Me Wants All of YouPlaylist
05/22/2015kholAll of Me Wants All of YouPlaylist
05/23/2015khsuAll of Me Wants All of YouPlaylist
05/22/2015kotoShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/19/2015krfcShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/18/2015krvmShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/20/2015krvmShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/22/2015krvmShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/20/2015ksdtDeath with DignityPlaylist
05/22/2015ksjsDeath with DignityPlaylist
05/24/2015ksjsJohn My BelovedPlaylist
05/20/2015kuomShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/21/2015kuomShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/23/2015kuomShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/23/2015kuomNo Shade in the Shadow of the CrossPlaylist
05/24/2015kuomShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/18/2015kusfFourth of JulyPlaylist
05/22/2015kusfShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/19/2015kvscThe Only ThingPlaylist
05/20/2015kvscFourth of JulyPlaylist
05/20/2015kvscShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/21/2015kvscthe Only ThingPlaylist
05/19/2015kxciDrawn to the BloodPlaylist
05/19/2015kxciFourth of JulyPlaylist
05/21/2015kxciAll of Me Wants All of YouPlaylist
05/22/2015kxciDeath with DignityPlaylist
05/18/2015kzumthe Only ThingPlaylist
05/19/2015radioboiseDrawn to the BloodPlaylist
05/21/2015radioboiseCarrie & LowellPlaylist
05/23/2015radioboiseShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/24/2015wesuCarrie & LowellPlaylist
05/23/2015wfhbAll of Me Wants All of YouPlaylist
05/18/2015whusDeath with DignityPlaylist
05/21/2015whusJohn My BelovedPlaylist
05/22/2015whusBlue Bucket of GoldPlaylist
05/20/2015wmsethe Only ThingPlaylist
05/20/2015wmseCarrie & LowellPlaylist
05/20/2015wnmcShould Have Known BetterPlaylist
05/21/2015wnmcAll of Me Wants All of YouPlaylist
05/18/2015womrNo Shade in the Shadow of the CrossPlaylist
05/19/2015wsumDrawn to the BloodPlaylist
05/20/2015wsumDrawn to the BloodPlaylist
05/18/2015wtipShould Have Known BetterPlaylist