ArtistJames Taylor
DiskBefore This World
Spinitron ChartJul 12 2015
Chart periodMon Jul 6th thru Sun 12th 2015
Chart stats108 stations reporting 72692 spins
Rank in chart13
Spins in chart period39
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMToday, Today, Today2015-07-06► Playlist
KAFMToday, Today, Today2015-07-12► Playlist
KAOSToday Today Today2015-07-07► Playlist
KAOSFar Afghanistan2015-07-08► Playlist
KBUTFar Afghanistan2015-07-07► Playlist
KMNOToday Today Today2015-07-08► Playlist
KMNOBefore This World / Jolly Springtime2015-07-08► Playlist
KMNOWatchin' Over Me2015-07-10► Playlist
KRFCwatching over me2015-07-06► Playlist
KRFCFar Afghanistan2015-07-07► Playlist
KRFCToday Today Today2015-07-07► Playlist
KRFCAngels Of Fenway2015-07-08► Playlist
KRFCFar Afganistan2015-07-10► Playlist
KRFCStretch of the Hwy2015-07-11► Playlist
KRVMmontana2015-07-06► Playlist
KRVMmontana2015-07-08► Playlist
KVMRStretch of Highway2015-07-07► Playlist
KVMRmontana2015-07-07► Playlist
KVMRToday Today Today2015-07-07► Playlist
KVMRWatchin' Over Me2015-07-08► Playlist
KVNFWatchin Over Me2015-07-08► Playlist
KZFRMontana2015-07-11► Playlist
KZUMToday Today Today2015-07-09► Playlist
KZYXAngels Of Fenway2015-07-12► Playlist
RADIOFAIRFAXyou and i again2015-07-12► Playlist
WDRTYou and I again2015-07-09► Playlist
WDRTToday Today Today2015-07-10► Playlist
WEFTYou & I Again2015-07-07► Playlist
WERUStretch of the Highway2015-07-07► Playlist
WERUsretch of hwy2015-07-08► Playlist
WERUWatchin' Over Me2015-07-09► Playlist
WERUstretch of the highway2015-07-09► Playlist
WERUStretch Of The Highway2015-07-10► Playlist
WERUWatchin' over Me2015-07-12► Playlist
WFHBStretch of the Highway2015-07-09► Playlist
WFHBangels of fenway2015-07-10► Playlist
WFHBStretch Of The Highway2015-07-10► Playlist
WFHBMontana2015-07-10► Playlist
WXPRMontana2015-07-08► Playlist