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ArtistThe Beths
DiskExpert in a Dying Field
Spinitron ChartNov 17 2022
Chart periodFri Nov 11th thru Thu 17th 2022
Chart stats293 stations reporting 465972 spins
Rank in chart9
Spins in chart period188
11/11/2022CIVLWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/12/2022CIVLWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/10/2022CJRUSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/10/2022CJRUSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/15/2022CJRUSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/16/2022CJRUExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/13/2022Humboldt Hot AirHead In The CloudsPlaylist
11/11/2022KAFMBest LeftPlaylist
11/13/2022KAFMExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/11/2022KBMFSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/10/2022KCSUA Passing RainPlaylist
11/11/2022KCSUBest LeftPlaylist
11/12/2022KCSUA Passing RainPlaylist
11/12/2022KCSUKnees DeepPlaylist
11/12/2022KCSUYour SidePlaylist
11/13/2022KCSUExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/13/2022KCSUHead In The CloudsPlaylist
11/14/2022KCSUExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/14/2022KCSUI Want To ListenPlaylist
11/15/2022KCSUChange In The WeatherPlaylist
11/15/2022KCSUHead In The CloudsPlaylist
11/16/2022KCSUSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/16/2022KCSUSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/11/2022KDHXKnees DeepPlaylist
11/16/2022KDHXWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/12/2022KDURHead in the CloudsPlaylist
11/12/2022KDURExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/14/2022KDURExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/16/2022KDURI Want to ListenPlaylist
11/10/2022KHOLWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/10/2022KHOLExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/10/2022KMGPExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/11/2022KMGPExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/12/2022KMGPExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/14/2022KMGPExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/14/2022KMGPExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/10/2022KNSJKnees DeepPlaylist
11/10/2022KNSJExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/12/2022KNSJExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/15/2022KNSJExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/12/2022KRFCKnees DeepPlaylist
11/13/2022KRFCI Told You That I Was AfraidPlaylist
11/14/2022KRFCSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/14/2022KRFCKnees DeepPlaylist
11/14/2022KRFCKnees DeepPlaylist
11/15/2022KRFCYour SidePlaylist
11/11/2022KRFFI Want To ListenPlaylist
11/11/2022KRFFI Want To ListenPlaylist
11/12/2022KRFFChange In The WeatherPlaylist
11/13/2022KRFFChange In The WeatherPlaylist
11/15/2022KRFFA Passing RainPlaylist
11/15/2022KRFFHead In The CloudsPlaylist
11/14/2022KSJDExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/15/2022KSJDExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/13/2022KSPCHead in the CloudsPlaylist
11/15/2022KSPCA Passing RainPlaylist
11/15/2022KSPCSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/10/2022KSYMSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/12/2022KSYMSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/13/2022KSYMWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/14/2022KSYMWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/16/2022KSYMKnees DeepPlaylist
11/16/2022KSYMSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/15/2022KTNAWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/10/2022KUOMKnees DeepPlaylist
11/11/2022KUOMKnees DeepPlaylist
11/12/2022KUOMWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/13/2022KUOMWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/13/2022KUOMKnees DeepPlaylist
11/16/2022KUOMWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/10/2022KVCUWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/10/2022KVCUExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/10/2022KVCUYour SidePlaylist
11/11/2022KVCUSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/11/2022KVCUA Passing RainPlaylist
11/12/2022KVCUI Told You That I Was AfraidPlaylist
11/12/2022KVCUWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/12/2022KVCUExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/13/2022KVCUYour SidePlaylist
11/13/2022KVCUI Want To ListenPlaylist
11/13/2022KVCUSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/13/2022KVCUA Passing RainPlaylist
11/14/2022KVCUI Told You That I Was AfraidPlaylist
11/14/2022KVCUWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/14/2022KVCUExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/14/2022KVCUYour SidePlaylist
11/10/2022KVSCExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/11/2022KVSCKnees DeepPlaylist
11/14/2022KVSCKnees DeepPlaylist
11/16/2022KVSCKnees DeepPlaylist
11/16/2022KVSCKnees DeepPlaylist
11/14/2022KWURWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/09/2022KXCIWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/10/2022KXCIKnees DeepPlaylist
11/11/2022KXCIWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/14/2022KXCIYour SidePlaylist
11/14/2022KXCIKnees DeepPlaylist
11/14/2022KXCIExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/15/2022KXCISilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/16/2022KXCIExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/16/2022KXCII Told You That I Was AfraidPlaylist
11/15/2022KXSFYour SidePlaylist
11/14/2022KZUUBest LeftPlaylist
11/15/2022THEUSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/15/2022THEUExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/15/2022THEUExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/11/2022WBTVExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/13/2022WBTVExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/10/2022WCYTExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/11/2022WCYTSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/13/2022WCYTExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/15/2022WCYTSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/10/2022WDCESilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/10/2022WDCEExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/11/2022WDCEChange In The WeatherPlaylist
11/11/2022WDCESilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/12/2022WDCEExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/12/2022WDCEChange In The WeatherPlaylist
11/13/2022WDCESilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/14/2022WDCEExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/14/2022WDCEChange In The WeatherPlaylist
11/15/2022WDCESilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/15/2022WDCEExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/16/2022WDCEChange In The WeatherPlaylist
11/16/2022WDCESilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/10/2022WFCSWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/11/2022WFCSWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/14/2022WFCSA Passing RainPlaylist
11/15/2022WFCSWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/15/2022WFCSHead in the CloudsPlaylist
11/15/2022WFCSExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/16/2022WFCSKnees DeepPlaylist
11/10/2022WFHBWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/11/2022WFHBExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/11/2022WHCLExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/14/2022WIDRExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/12/2022WKNCExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/10/2022WMSEKnees DeepPlaylist
11/15/2022WMSEExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/11/2022WMUHWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/12/2022WMUHHead in the CloudsPlaylist
11/16/2022WMUHExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/10/2022WNMCKnees DeepPlaylist
11/12/2022WNMCSilence is GoldenPlaylist
11/16/2022WNMCKnees DeepPlaylist
11/10/2022WNRNExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/11/2022WNRNExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/12/2022WNRNExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/13/2022WNRNExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/14/2022WNRNExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/15/2022WOWDSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/10/2022WPRKExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/10/2022WPRKExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/10/2022WPRKChange In The WeatherPlaylist
11/12/2022WPRKChange In The WeatherPlaylist
11/12/2022WPRKChange In The WeatherPlaylist
11/11/2022WQFSA Passing RainPlaylist
11/10/2022WRUVExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/13/2022WRUVSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/11/2022WRUWYour SidePlaylist
11/12/2022WRUWKnee DeepPlaylist
11/13/2022WRUWExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
11/13/2022WRUWKnees DeepPlaylist
11/14/2022WSCAExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/12/2022WSFMKnees DeepPlaylist
11/12/2022WSFMSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/10/2022WUMLWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/10/2022WUMLI Told You That I Was AfraidPlaylist
11/11/2022WUMLExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/11/2022WUMLWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/14/2022WUMLWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
11/14/2022WUNHYour SidePlaylist
11/16/2022WUNHKnees DeepPlaylist
11/16/2022WUNHYour SidePlaylist
11/10/2022WXAVExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
11/16/2022WXPRChange In The WeatherPlaylist
11/10/2022WYMSSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/12/2022WYMSSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/13/2022WYMSSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/15/2022WYMSSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/16/2022WYMSSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
11/12/2022WZBTA Passing RainPlaylist
11/16/2022WZBTSilence Is GoldenPlaylist