ArtistSonny Landreth
DiskBound By The Blues
Spinitron ChartJul 12 2015
Chart periodMon Jul 6th thru Sun 12th 2015
Chart stats108 stations reporting 72692 spins
Rank in chart26
Spins in chart period32
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMBound By the Blues2015-07-06► Playlist
KAFMSimcoe Street2015-07-09► Playlist
KAFMBound By the Blues2015-07-10► Playlist
KAOSWalkin' Blues2015-07-06► Playlist
KMNOWalkin' Blues2015-07-10► Playlist
KRFCSimcoe Street2015-07-07► Playlist
KRFCKeys to the Highway2015-07-07► Playlist
KRFCCherry Ball Blues2015-07-08► Playlist
KRFCWhere They Will2015-07-12► Playlist
KRVMThe High Side2015-07-08► Playlist
KRVMThe High Side2015-07-10► Playlist
KRVMKey To The Highway2015-07-12► Playlist
KSJDThe High Side2015-07-09► Playlist
KSYMSIMCOE STREET2015-07-07► Playlist
KSYMWhere They Will2015-07-06► Playlist
KVNFWhere They Will2015-07-08► Playlist
KVNFThe High Side2015-07-10► Playlist
KXCIWalkin' Blues2015-07-06► Playlist
KXCIFirebird Blues2015-07-09► Playlist
WEFTThe High Side2015-07-06► Playlist
WFHBFirebird Blues2015-07-06► Playlist
WFHBKey To The Highway2015-07-07► Playlist
WFHBkey to the highway2015-07-10► Playlist
WFHBFirebird Blues2015-07-10► Playlist
WFHBIt hurts me too2015-07-10► Playlist
WFHBkey to the highway2015-07-10► Playlist
WMPGThe High Side2015-07-11► Playlist
WMSEWalkin' Blues2015-07-06► Playlist
WMSEDust My Broom2015-07-08► Playlist
WMSEDust my broom2015-07-11► Playlist
WORTKey To The Highway2015-07-10► Playlist
WSCAWhere They Will2015-07-06► Playlist