ArtistBuddy Guy
DiskBorn To Play Guitar
Spinitron ChartAug 16 2015
Chart periodMon Aug 10th thru Sun 16th 2015
Chart stats107 stations reporting 70189 spins
Rank in chart4
Spins in chart period83
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMWear You Out feat. Billy Gibbons2015-08-16► Playlist
KAFMFlesh & Bone with Van Morrison (Dedicated to B.B. King)2015-08-16► Playlist
KAFMCome Back Muddy2015-08-16► Playlist
KAFMFlesh & Bone2015-08-16► Playlist
KAOSCrazy World2015-08-11► Playlist
KAOSWhiskey, Beer & Wine2015-08-14► Playlist
KBUTBorn to Play guitar2015-08-12► Playlist
KBUTFlesh & Bone2015-08-12► Playlist
KKFIWear You Out (feat. Billy Gibbons)2015-08-10► Playlist
KKFIBack Up Mama2015-08-10► Playlist
KKFIFlesh and Blood2015-08-10► Playlist
KKFIWhiskey,Beer& Wine2015-08-11► Playlist
KKFIthink like mississppi mud2015-08-11► Playlist
KKFIFlesh & Bone (Dedicated to B.B. King) [with Van Morrison]2015-08-11► Playlist
KMNOFlesh & Bone (Dedicated to B.B. King) [with Van Morrison]2015-08-10► Playlist
KMSABorn to Play Guitar2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSAWear You Out2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSABack Up Mama2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSAToo Late2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSAWhiskey, Beer & Wine2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSAKiss Me Quick2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSACrying Out Of One Eye2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSA(Baby) You Got What it Takes2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSATurn Me Wild2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSACrazy World2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSASmarter Than I Was2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSAThick Like Mississippi Mud2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSAFlesh & Bone2015-08-16► Playlist
KMSACome Back Muddy2015-08-16► Playlist
KMUZFlesh and Bone, Dedicated to B.B. King, with Van Morrison2015-08-14► Playlist
KMUZBorn To Play Guitar2015-08-14► Playlist
KPOVFlesh & Bone (Dedicated To B.B. King)2015-08-13► Playlist
KRFC(Baby) You Got What It Takes2015-08-11► Playlist
KRFCBorn To Play Guitar2015-08-11► Playlist
KRFCWhisky, Beer, & Wine2015-08-12► Playlist
KRFCKiss Me Quick2015-08-12► Playlist
KRFCWhiskey, Beer and Wine2015-08-14► Playlist
KRFCToo Late2015-08-14► Playlist
KRFCWear You Out2015-08-14► Playlist
KRFCFlesh & Bone2015-08-14► Playlist
KRFCFlesh & Bone2015-08-16► Playlist
KRVMflesh and bone2015-08-11► Playlist
KRVMFlesh and bone2015-08-14► Playlist
KRVMWhiskey, Beer & Wine2015-08-16► Playlist
KRVMCrying Out Of One Eye2015-08-16► Playlist
KSJDBorn to Play Guitar2015-08-13► Playlist
KSJDWhiskey, Beer & Wine2015-08-13► Playlist
KSJDWear You Out (feat. Billy Gibbons)2015-08-13► Playlist
KSPC(Baby) You Got What It Takes feat. Joss Stone2015-08-15► Playlist
KSYMFlesh & Bone (w/ Van Morrison)2015-08-13► Playlist
KSYMCome Back Muddy2015-08-14► Playlist
KSYMBorn to Play Guitar / Flesh & Bone (w Van Morrison)2015-08-15► Playlist
KSYMTurn Me Wild2015-08-15► Playlist
KVMRWhiskey Beer and Wine2015-08-13► Playlist
KVMRBack Up MaMa2015-08-13► Playlist
KVMRWhiskey, Beer & Wine2015-08-14► Playlist
KXCIBorn To Play Guitar2015-08-15► Playlist
RADIOBOISEBorn to play Guitar2015-08-10► Playlist
RADIOBOISECome Back Muddy2015-08-10► Playlist
RADIOBOISEFlesh and Bone2015-08-10► Playlist
WCUWSmarter Than I Was2015-08-14► Playlist
WCUWThick As Mississippi Mud2015-08-15► Playlist
WDRTcome back muddy2015-08-13► Playlist
WDRTwhiskey beer and wine2015-08-13► Playlist
WEFTWhiskey, Beer and Wine2015-08-12► Playlist
WEFTCrying Out of One Eye2015-08-12► Playlist
WEFTCrazy World2015-08-13► Playlist
WEFTBorn To Play Guitar2015-08-13► Playlist
WEFTCome Back Muddy2015-08-14► Playlist
WEFTBorn To Play Guitar2015-08-14► Playlist
WEFTBack Up Mama2015-08-14► Playlist
WERUToo Late (feat. Kim Wilson)2015-08-11► Playlist
WERUCome Back Muddy2015-08-11► Playlist
WFHBToo Late2015-08-10► Playlist
WFHBFlesh & Bone2015-08-11► Playlist
WFHBToo Late2015-08-12► Playlist
WFHBtoo late2015-08-14► Playlist
WFVRCrying Out of One Eye2015-08-11► Playlist
WMPGBack Up Mama2015-08-12► Playlist
WMPGWear You Out2015-08-12► Playlist
WMPGCrying Out Of One Eye2015-08-12► Playlist
WMPGFlesh & Bone2015-08-12► Playlist
WSUMToo Late2015-08-16► Playlist