ArtistMac Demarco
DiskAnother One
Spinitron ChartAug 30 2015
Chart periodMon Aug 24th thru Sun 30th 2015
Chart stats111 stations reporting 69504 spins
Rank in chart1
Spins in chart period89
08/24/2015kbgaanother onePlaylist
08/28/2015kbgaA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/28/2015kbgaI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/30/2015kbgaJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
08/30/2015kbgaanother onePlaylist
08/24/2015kbutMy House by the WaterPlaylist
08/25/2015kcprWithout mePlaylist
08/27/2015kcpranother onePlaylist
08/26/2015kcsbanother onePlaylist
08/27/2015kcsbNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/26/2015kdhxAnother onePlaylist
08/26/2015kdurI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/30/2015kdurNo other heartPlaylist
08/26/2015kholWithout mePlaylist
08/27/2015kholAnother OnePlaylist
08/25/2015khsuA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/24/2015ksjsA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/28/2015ksjsJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
08/29/2015ksjsanother onePlaylist
08/24/2015kuomJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
08/24/2015kuomI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/24/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/24/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/25/2015kuomanother onePlaylist
08/25/2015kuomJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
08/25/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/26/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/26/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/27/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/27/2015kuomI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/28/2015kuomI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/29/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/29/2015kuomI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/30/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/24/2015kvmrOnion ManPlaylist
08/28/2015kvmrNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/28/2015kvmrI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/24/2015kvscI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/25/2015kvscThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
08/25/2015kvscNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/26/2015kvscJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
08/26/2015kvscI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/28/2015kvscI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/24/2015kwvaanother onePlaylist
08/25/2015kwvaNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/26/2015kwvaNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/26/2015kwvaWithout mePlaylist
08/27/2015kwvaThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
08/27/2015kwvaThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
08/28/2015kwvaanother onePlaylist
08/30/2015kwvaNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/30/2015kwvaNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/24/2015kxcianother onePlaylist
08/25/2015kxciI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/27/2015kxciJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
08/25/2015kzscanother onePlaylist
08/27/2015kzscI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/24/2015kzumanother onePlaylist
08/25/2015radioboiseA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/27/2015theuThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
08/27/2015wfhbA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/24/2015wfhbWithout MePlaylist
08/25/2015wfhbI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/26/2015wfhbI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/30/2015wfhbI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/24/2015whusWithout mePlaylist
08/24/2015whusNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/24/2015whusI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/27/2015whusI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
08/27/2015whusNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/28/2015whusThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
08/28/2015whusNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/25/2015wmseAnother OnePlaylist
08/25/2015wprkthe way you'd love herPlaylist
08/25/2015wprkanother onePlaylist
08/25/2015wprkNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/28/2015wprkA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/26/2015wpscJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
08/24/2015wuogThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
08/24/2015wuoganother onePlaylist
08/25/2015wuogThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
08/26/2015wuogNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/27/2015wuogMy House by the WaterPlaylist
08/27/2015wuogA Heart Like HersPlaylist
08/27/2015wuogWithout mePlaylist
08/27/2015wuogNo Other HeartPlaylist
08/28/2015wuogThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
08/29/2015wuoganother onePlaylist
08/27/2015wzbcanother onePlaylist