ArtistMac Demarco
DiskAnother One
Spinitron ChartSep 20 2015
Chart periodMon Sep 14th thru Sun 20th 2015
Chart stats120 stations reporting 81329 spins
Rank in chart2
Spins in chart period98
09/14/2015kbgaA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/14/2015kbgaNo Other Heart (CD)Playlist
09/20/2015kbgaThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/20/2015kbgaThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/17/2015kcprA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/16/2015kcsbI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/16/2015kcsbMy House by the WaterPlaylist
09/18/2015kcsbI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/15/2015kdhxThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/18/2015kdhxThe Way You’d Love HerPlaylist
09/14/2015kdurThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/15/2015kdurA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/16/2015kdurJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
09/17/2015kdurThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/15/2015kholNo Other HeartPlaylist
09/19/2015kholanother onePlaylist
09/19/2015khsuAnother OnePlaylist
09/16/2015kotoThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/15/2015kqalThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/14/2015krfcI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/14/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/15/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/15/2015kuomNo Other HeartPlaylist
09/16/2015kuomanother onePlaylist
09/16/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/16/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/17/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/18/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/18/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/19/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/14/2015kvscThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/14/2015kvscI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/14/2015kvscAnother OnePlaylist
09/16/2015kvscI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/16/2015kvscNo Other HeartPlaylist
09/17/2015kvscI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/17/2015kvscanother onePlaylist
09/18/2015kvscThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/14/2015kwcwThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/17/2015kwcwThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/17/2015kwcwWithout mePlaylist
09/19/2015kwcwI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/19/2015kwcwThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/19/2015kwcwanother onePlaylist
09/20/2015kwcwThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/14/2015kwvaThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/18/2015kwvaanother onePlaylist
09/19/2015kwvaThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/20/2015kwvaJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
09/15/2015kxciWithout mePlaylist
09/16/2015kxciThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/18/2015kxciI’ve Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/20/2015lasrJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
09/18/2015weruJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
09/14/2015wfhbWithout MePlaylist
09/15/2015wfhbWithout mePlaylist
09/15/2015wfhbA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/16/2015wfhbI’ve Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/18/2015wfhbThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/14/2015whusThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/14/2015whusanother onePlaylist
09/14/2015whusNo Other HeartPlaylist
09/15/2015whusThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/15/2015whusNo Other HeartPlaylist
09/16/2015whusNo Other HeartPlaylist
09/16/2015whusI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/16/2015whusThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/17/2015whusI’ve Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/18/2015whusI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/14/2015whus2No Other HeartPlaylist
09/14/2015wojbI’ve Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/14/2015womrI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/15/2015wrbbanother onePlaylist
09/16/2015wsumI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/20/2015wtbuAnother OnePlaylist
09/14/2015wuogA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/15/2015wuogNo Other HeartPlaylist
09/15/2015wuogMy House by the WaterPlaylist
09/16/2015wuogAnother OnePlaylist
09/14/2015wxjmWithout mePlaylist
09/15/2015wxjmI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/15/2015wxjmThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/15/2015wxjmThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/16/2015wxjmThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/16/2015wxjmI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/16/2015wxjmNo Other HeartPlaylist
09/16/2015wxjmJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
09/17/2015wxjmAnother OnePlaylist
09/17/2015wxjmJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
09/17/2015wxjmJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
09/18/2015wxjmNo Other HeartPlaylist
09/18/2015wxjmanother onePlaylist
09/18/2015wxjmA Heart Like HersPlaylist
09/18/2015wxjmThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
09/18/2015wxjmJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
09/20/2015wxjmI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
09/16/2015wxprAnother OnePlaylist
09/14/2015wzbcanother onePlaylist