ArtistBen Folds
DiskSo There
Spinitron ChartSep 20 2015
Chart periodMon Sep 14th thru Sun 20th 2015
Chart stats120 stations reporting 81329 spins
Rank in chart19
Spins in chart period49
09/16/2015kafmPhone In A PoolPlaylist
09/18/2015kafmLong Way to GoPlaylist
09/14/2015kaosPhone In A PoolPlaylist
09/14/2015kbgaCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/15/2015kbgamovement 1Playlist
09/15/2015kbgaCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/19/2015kbmfNot a FanPlaylist
09/17/2015kcsbConcerto for Piano and Orchestra, Movement 1Playlist
09/17/2015kcsbConcerto for Piano and Orchestra, Movement 2Playlist
09/17/2015kcsbConcerto for Piano and Orchestra, Movement 3Playlist
09/14/2015krvmPhone In A PoolPlaylist
09/16/2015krvmPhone In A PoolPlaylist
09/17/2015kvmrPhone In A PoolPlaylist
09/14/2015kvscCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/14/2015kvscSo TherePlaylist
09/14/2015kvscLong way to goPlaylist
09/15/2015kvscCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/15/2015kvscnot a fanPlaylist
09/16/2015kvscPhone In A PoolPlaylist
09/17/2015kvscSo TherePlaylist
09/16/2015kwcwCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/16/2015kwcwNot a FanPlaylist
09/16/2015kwcwSo TherePlaylist
09/16/2015kwcwLong Way to GoPlaylist
09/19/2015kwcwSo TherePlaylist
09/14/2015kxciLong way to goPlaylist
09/15/2015kxciCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/16/2015kxciPhone In A PoolPlaylist
09/16/2015kxciSo TherePlaylist
09/17/2015kxciSo TherePlaylist
09/18/2015kxciPhone In A PoolPlaylist
09/18/2015radioboiseSo TherePlaylist
09/20/2015radiofairfaxCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/14/2015theuPhone In A PoolPlaylist
09/15/2015weftCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/14/2015wfhbPhone In A PoolPlaylist
09/15/2015wfhbCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/14/2015whusCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/14/2015whusSo TherePlaylist
09/14/2015whusLong way to goPlaylist
09/15/2015whusCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/17/2015whusCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/14/2015whus2So TherePlaylist
09/15/2015wmfoCapable Of AnythingPlaylist
09/15/2015wmseLong Way To GoPlaylist
09/15/2015wtbuCapable of AnythingPlaylist
09/15/2015wtbuSo TherePlaylist
09/15/2015wtbuPhone in a PoolPlaylist
09/17/2015wtipSo TherePlaylist