ArtistMac Demarco
DiskAnother One
Spinitron ChartOct 11 2015
Chart periodMon Oct 5th thru Sun 11th 2015
Chart stats126 stations reporting 85813 spins
Rank in chart17
Spins in chart period53
10/11/2015kbgaanother onePlaylist
10/07/2015kbvrThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
10/07/2015kbvranother onePlaylist
10/06/2015kcpranother onePlaylist
10/08/2015kcpranother onePlaylist
10/08/2015kcprA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/10/2015kcprA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/06/2015kdurJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
10/07/2015kdurI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
10/07/2015kdurI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
10/09/2015knmcA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/05/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/05/2015kuomA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/09/2015kuomanother onePlaylist
10/10/2015kuomJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
10/10/2015kuomanother onePlaylist
10/05/2015kvscI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
10/09/2015kwcwI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
10/06/2015kwvaNo Other HeartPlaylist
10/07/2015kwvaWithout mePlaylist
10/07/2015kwvaI've Been Waiting for HerPlaylist
10/08/2015kwvaThe Way You’d Love HerPlaylist
10/09/2015kwvaA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/10/2015kwvaThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
10/11/2015kwvaThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
10/06/2015kxciJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
10/08/2015kxciAnother OnePlaylist
10/08/2015kxciJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
10/05/2015kzscanother onePlaylist
10/06/2015kzuuA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/07/2015kzuuA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/10/2015kzuuMy House by the WaterPlaylist
10/10/2015kzuuWithout mePlaylist
10/10/2015kzuuWithout mePlaylist
10/11/2015lasrNo Other HeartPlaylist
10/08/2015wchcAnother OnePlaylist
10/07/2015wfhbanother onePlaylist
10/11/2015wgtbA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/05/2015whclJust to Put Me DownPlaylist
10/11/2015whclanother onePlaylist
10/05/2015whusThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
10/05/2015wmfoNo Other HeartPlaylist
10/06/2015wprkNo Other HeartPlaylist
10/06/2015wtbuThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
10/05/2015wuogA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/05/2015wuoganother onePlaylist
10/05/2015wuogA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/09/2015wuogA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/10/2015wuogThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
10/08/2015wxjmA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/10/2015wxjmThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist
10/11/2015wxjmA Heart Like HersPlaylist
10/09/2015wzbcThe Way You'd Love HerPlaylist