DiskEvery Open Eye
Spinitron ChartDec 13 2015
Chart periodMon Dec 7th thru Sun 13th 2015
Chart stats130 stations reporting 88071 spins
Rank in chart22
Spins in chart period48
12/07/2015kvmrPlaying DeadPlaylist
12/13/2015kxciPlaying DeadPlaylist
12/11/2015wfhbPlaying DeadPlaylist
12/12/2015kafmNever Ending CirclesPlaylist
12/08/2015kvscNever Ending CirclesPlaylist
12/09/2015kvscNever Ending CirclesPlaylist
12/07/2015kwvaNever Ending CirclesPlaylist
12/11/2015kxciNever Ending CirclesPlaylist
12/07/2015wmcnNever Ending CirclesPlaylist
12/07/2015wrbbNever Ending CirclesPlaylist
12/09/2015kdurMake Them GoldPlaylist
12/12/2015ksjsMake Them GoldPlaylist
12/09/2015wprkMake Them GoldPlaylist
12/07/2015wtipMake Them GoldPlaylist
12/10/2015kdhxleave a TracePlaylist
12/11/2015kholleave a TracePlaylist
12/09/2015krfcleave a TracePlaylist
12/10/2015krfcLeave a TracePlaylist
12/12/2015kuoileave a TracePlaylist
12/07/2015kvscleave a TracePlaylist
12/11/2015kvscLeave a TracePlaylist
12/08/2015kxcileave a TracePlaylist
12/09/2015kxcileave a TracePlaylist
12/10/2015theuleave a TracePlaylist
12/12/2015wxjmleave a TracePlaylist
12/10/2015ksjsKeep You on My SidePlaylist
12/10/2015kuoiKeep You on My SidePlaylist
12/12/2015kwvaKeep You on My SidePlaylist
12/10/2015wprkKeep You on My SidePlaylist
12/12/2015wsumKeep You on My SidePlaylist
12/09/2015radiofairfaxKeep You on My SidePlaylist
12/10/2015kbvrHigh Enough to Carry You OverPlaylist
12/10/2015kholHigh Enough to Carry You OverPlaylist
12/11/2015kxciHigh Enough to Carry You OverPlaylist
12/07/2015wnmcHigh Enough to Carry You OverPlaylist
12/08/2015kdhxGet Away (Bonus Track)Playlist
12/11/2015wprkGet Away (Bonus Track)Playlist
12/08/2015kdurDown Side of MePlaylist
12/11/2015kwvaDown Side of MePlaylist
12/11/2015wfhbDown Side of MePlaylist
12/09/2015kxciClearest BluePlaylist
12/11/2015kxciClearest BluePlaylist
12/10/2015kholBury ItPlaylist
12/07/2015kvscBury ItPlaylist
12/10/2015kvscBury itPlaylist
12/08/2015kvscBury ItPlaylist
12/12/2015wchcBury ItPlaylist
12/11/2015ksjsBow Down (Bonus Track)Playlist