ArtistEleanor Friedberger
DiskNew View
Spinitron ChartFeb 14 2016
Chart periodMon Feb 8th thru Sun 14th 2016
Chart stats130 stations reporting 87983 spins
Rank in chart13
Spins in chart period60
02/09/2016kafmTwo Versions of TomorrowPlaylist
02/14/2016kafmYour wordPlaylist
02/08/2016kbvrNever is a Long TimePlaylist
02/10/2016kdhxOpen SeasonPlaylist
02/10/2016kdhxA long walkPlaylist
02/10/2016kdhxTwo Versions of TomorrowPlaylist
02/11/2016kdhxNever is a Long TimePlaylist
02/12/2016kdhxDoes Turquoise Work?Playlist
02/08/2016kdurCathy with the Curly HairPlaylist
02/10/2016kdurBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/11/2016kdurBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/13/2016kdurDoes Turquoise Work?Playlist
02/13/2016kmuzBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/08/2016kuomHe Didn't Mention His MotherPlaylist
02/09/2016kuomHe Didn't Mention His MotherPlaylist
02/10/2016kuomBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/10/2016kuomHe Didn't Mention His MotherPlaylist
02/11/2016kuomBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/11/2016kuomHe Didn't Mention His MotherPlaylist
02/12/2016kuomBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/12/2016kuomHe Didn't Mention His MotherPlaylist
02/13/2016kuomBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/13/2016kuomBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/13/2016kuomHe Didn't Mention His MotherPlaylist
02/08/2016kvscTwo Versions of TomorrowPlaylist
02/08/2016kvscYour wordPlaylist
02/09/2016kvscSweetest GirlPlaylist
02/09/2016kvscCathy with the Curly HairPlaylist
02/09/2016kvscYour WordPlaylist
02/09/2016kvscHe Didn't Mention His MotherPlaylist
02/10/2016kvscYour WordPlaylist
02/10/2016kvscCathy with the Curly HairPlaylist
02/11/2016kvscCathy with the Curly HairPlaylist
02/10/2016kwcwHe Didn't Mention His MotherPlaylist
02/08/2016kwvaTwo Versions of TomorrowPlaylist
02/08/2016kxciSweetest GirlPlaylist
02/11/2016kxciBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/11/2016kxciSweetest GirlPlaylist
02/12/2016kxciHe Didn't Mention His MotherPlaylist
02/12/2016kxciBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/09/2016kzscBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/10/2016radioboiseNever is a Long TimePlaylist
02/11/2016radioboiseSweetest GirlPlaylist
02/12/2016weraA long walkPlaylist
02/08/2016wfhbNever is a Long TimePlaylist
02/08/2016wfhbAll Known ThingsPlaylist
02/09/2016wfhbDoes Turquoise Work?Playlist
02/09/2016wfhbCathy with the Curly HairPlaylist
02/10/2016wfhbDoes Turquoise Work?Playlist
02/11/2016wfhbHe Didn't Mention His MotherPlaylist
02/11/2016wfhbCathy with the Curly HairPlaylist
02/14/2016wfhbDoes Turquoise Work?Playlist
02/09/2016wmseBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/11/2016wmseOpen SeasonPlaylist
02/09/2016wnmcSweetest GirlPlaylist
02/11/2016wnmcCathy With the Curly HairPlaylist
02/09/2016wortBecause I Asked YouPlaylist
02/09/2016wsumCathy with the Curly HairPlaylist
02/09/2016wuogNever is a Long TimePlaylist
02/12/2016wxjmDoes Turquoise Work?Playlist